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Singapore Institute of Technology: The Brief Detail

Singapore Institute of Technology – desire to be a pioneer in creative workplace learning and applied research, with the purpose of individuals and innovating with business to – have a significant influence on the economy and society.

The Singapore Institute of Technology distinct methodology blends work and study, embracing realistic – learning in a real-world setting through cooperation with crucial strategic partners. Its emphasis on applied research with commercial implications is to assist the industry in innovating and growing. When completed in 2024, the University’s centralised campus in Punggol will be a fit-for-purpose campus inside the massive Punggol Digital District, where academics and industry will get strongly interwoven.

Meta Description:

The Singapore Institute of Technology is the country’s first University of Applied Learning, providing specialised degree programs.


Through an integrated practical learning and research strategy, we will maximise the potential of our students and collaborate with industry to contribute to the economy and society.


Singapore Institute of Technology is envisioned as a prominent university in Singapore in 2024 that lives and breathes industry, with its students and graduates (referred to as SITizens) being thinking tinkerers, lifelong learners, and catalysts for change who care for the community and stay linked to SIT and their fellow SITizens.


SIT offers a library that gets equipped with the latest technology. There are other research facilities available. The library – is staffed by a team of knowledgeable and properly educated employees. Other structures on campus get used for various reasons. Administrative buildings, multipurpose halls, lecture rooms, and labs are examples.

Alternatives to Living

Students have a variety of accommodation choices at the institution. Single-room flats and communal apartments are among them. Each room is well-equipped with the essential amenities required to ensure each student’s comfort. 

Interested students get expected to approach the management to secure a space on time. The prices are listed online – where you can get more information concerning the rooms.


The faculty to student ratio of the Singapore Institute of Technology is 1:41, with 146 academic staff and 6,000 students. Members of the academic staff – the University are highly qualified in their fields.

Applied Research & Development

SIT is an applied research and innovation cluster that works closely and extensively with industry, assisting in productivity, innovation, and workforce development of Singapore’s industry. To make the industry in its transition, SIT has established a network of applied research centres and programs and transformed its Punggol campus into an open living laboratory.

Affluent Alumni Network

SIT has around 23,000 graduates working in their chosen fields. They are an increasingly essential link between industry and SIT, with most of them having some worldwide or regional exposure. SIT has developed strong contacts with its alumni, encouraging them to mentor their juniors and network among themselves.

Collaboration with Industry and the Community

SIT has established a healthy and symbiotic partnership with industry and the community in developing and executing its teaching and research programs. SIT includes business and community engagement in educational, applied research, and innovation projects. These activities are held not only on the SIT campus but also at the locations of business and community partners.


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