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All About The Singapore Korean International School

Singapore Korean International School is a Korean and Singaporean certified kindergarten that delivers the Nuri Korean curriculum to students in pre-school through high school. Since its inception in 1993 it has sought to develop worldwide potential via a blend of character and intelligence. The Singapore Korean International School(SKIS) is also known as SKIS. The school features cutting-edge facilities for cultivating talent and enthusiasm in its pupils.

Meta Description:

Singapore Korean International School(SKIS) in Singapore Saturday School runs a Saturday school for kindergarten, primary, and secondary school kids attending local and international schools to learn their mother tongue. We run educational programs in our mother tongue to instill patriotism and pride in our motherland, where we can all study Korean culture and history together.

Vision and objectives for education:

The purpose is to nurture Korean identity and pride, language and character education to communicate with people all over the globe and to cultivate talent with a grasp of Singapore’s regional peculiarities, with the nurturing global talents goal with character and intellect.

The internationalisation curriculum company:

A. English: 

1) Read and write simple words with basic phonetics instruction.

2) Implement an integrated curriculum that addresses the same life concerns as the Korean curriculum.

3) 4, 5 years (K1, K2) Operate a shared classroom system with a native speaker.

4) 3 years (N2) Taught English twice a day.

B. Chinese: 

1) Basic Chinese characters and words and phrases from everyday life.

2) Implement an integrated curriculum that focuses on the same daily life subjects as the Korean curriculum.

3) Once a week for three years (N2), twice a week for four years (K1, K1, K2).

Special activity:

1. Joint classroom system: 

The functioning of classrooms with Korean and foreign teachers in grades beginning with K.

  1. Orientation to student life, orientation to study, and participation in the classroom’s operation
  2. Training in comprehending diverse cultures at the same time 
  3. Increase the number of methods to present in Korean and English.

2. Foreign language instruction:

  1. Operation of the integrated curriculum about study life topics Nuri
  2. Fundamental phonetic education:

The English reading program (Oxford Readers) for all levels of young children beginning in kindergarten.

3. Experiential creative activities:

  1. A regular curriculum as a program to enhance children’s unique abilities, talents, and potential runs for 40 minutes every Friday.
  2. Open programs: sports for children, dancing for children, art for children, cooking skills for students.

4. Taekwondo:

  1. A skilled Taekwondo instructor comes to teach.
  2. Taekwondo classes thrice a week for children aged N2 to K2.

5. Traditional Korean Culture Experience Day Company:

  1. Promoting Korean Identity and Traditional Cultural Education Programs
  2. Operation of experiential activity programs such as traditional day, traditional games, traditional arts, and traditional food.


There is a school library at Singapore Korean International School. This library includes an extensive collection of books suitable for children and adults. A Korean librarian is on-site to help students who need to enhance their minds while reading books discover the books and propose appropriate books for them. Our library offers English, Chinese, and Korean, allowing trilingual language learners to practice the language they learn in class. In addition, Hangul Saturday School students can utilize our library.

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