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On Prinsep Street in Singapore’s Central Region, there is a reformed church called Singapore Life Church. The church was one of Singapore’s first Presbyterian congregations when it gets established in 1883. Reverend Dr. Caleb Soo is Singapore Life Church moderating minister.


Rev. John A. B. Cook started Singapore Life Church in 1883, first called “Teck Khah Tng.” The church acquired the property at 142-144 Prinsep Street in 1917. It started when the first structure gets built in 1928. The church name gets changed to “Say Mia Tng Teck Khak” a year later. The church wanted to spread Christianity and biblical knowledge.

The English Worship Service gets started by Rev. Timothy Tow Siang Hui in October 1950. The church’s main sanctuary gets filled with more than 100 members for the evening services.

The church’s session court decided to divide the church into three congregations in 1955: “Teck Khah” (also known as Singapore Life Church), “Newton” (now known as Newton Life Church), and “English Service” (now the Life Bible-Presbyterian Church). The outcomes of the voting were 332, 107, and 129, respectively.

The church leased a piece of property at Changi 10th Milestone in 1956 to promote the gospel. The Changi Outreach Station was what it was known. The Yok See School was transferred to its new campus in Newton three years later, along with the kindergarten shared on Prinsep Street. The church known as “English Service,” founded in 1955 as Life Bible-Presbyterian Church, relocated to Newton in October 1962. (Gilstead Road).

The session court of the church agreed to renovate the 40-year-old church on Prinsep Street in 1969. The new structure’s foundation stone was placed on March 30, 1975, by Rev. Stephen C.K; Tan, who is the Synod’s Moderator for the Singapore Presbyterian Church. The church structure was finished and given the new name, “Singapore Life Church,” in December 1975. On May 29, 1977, Synod Moderator Rev. Paul Hsiu dedicated it.


Three perforated panel parts that make up the church’s façade are “stitched” together by exterior stairs that end in a large Cross.

In 2010, the church received its third rebuilding. The church’s monolithic roof and aluminum filigree façade are its most distinctive design elements, created by Laud Architects. Three perforated panel parts comprise the façade, which is “stitched” together by dark exterior staircases that end in a large Cross.

The seven-story building gets composed of three stories and a four-story block above it. The car lot on the first floor gets encircled by aluminum T-profiled louvers, which screen the activity inside and give the floor level above an “uplift.” These tiny cracks in the façade and a glass area in the center let light beams pass through the church at night when it lits from inside.

The structure has two main volumes and a variety of breakout spaces, including prayer rooms and locations for social gatherings. The church structure also includes a larger chapel and a Big sanctuary. To create spaces within the building without columns, reinforced concrete structures with post-tensioned beams get utilized throughout the construction phase.

The third reconstruction of the church finished in 2012, and on July 1, 2012, the first Sunday services get performed.

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