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Soon Lee Bus Park

Soon Lee Bus Park Entrance

Soon Lee Bus Park, What You Need To Know?

In Jurong West, Singapore, there is an SBS Transit West District bus depot called Soon Lee Bus Park. The depot has three decks and is the only multi-story bus depot owned by SBS Transit. Additionally, the beginning of Service 185 and Express 502 depart from this bus depot. In 2002, it took the place of the previous Jurong Bus Depot and Penjuru Bus Depot. Six hundred buses make up the fleet as of November 2014.

About Soon Lee Bus Park

Main bus depot Soon Lee Bus Depot, also known as Soon Lee Bus Park, provides maintenance and fueling services for buses travelling on routes that serve Jurong West in Singapore’s far west. It goes by the name SLBP and situated within the Jurong Industrial Estate. The depot has a roughly 26,670 square metre land area. SBS Transit held the land tenure for 30 years beginning on 1 April 2000 when it was formally open by Minister of Transportation Mr Yeo Cheow Tong on 8 August 2002. With three stories, Soon Lee Bus Depot is the only multi-story bus depot operated by SBS Transit moment. Refuelling, laundry, and repair and maintenance facilities located on the ground floor.

There is more room for bus parking on the top floors. The depot houses the Bus Operations Control Center (BOCC) for SBS Transit’s West District, which includes Bukit Batok Depot, Ayer Rajah Bus Park, and Hougang Depot buses, as well as administrative offices to support daily bus operations. Additionally, the terminal serves as the terminus for bus routes 185, 502, and 502A.

By metro and foot from Singapore to Soon Lee Bus Park

The trip takes about 51 minutes and travels distance of about 23 kilometres between Singapore and Soon Lee Bus Park. Singapore to Soon Lee Bus Park route, run by SMRT, travels from City Hall to Soon Lee Bus Park. Although 1645 services typically run seven days a week, check the schedule ahead of time for weekend and holiday times.

Transportation Employees and Service Level

However, having the best buses, interchanges, and depots is insufficient. We need good people dedicates the proper mindset and a strong desire to serve. The people are ultimately the ones who can change things the most. Here, they’re referring to all the transportation professionals who toil in the background at the depots, workshops, and other places addition the bus captains who transport commuters daily. All of these employees play a crucial role in ensuring that our bus service runs smoothly and consistently meets the transportation demands of commuters.

These workers handle tasks. In addition to shift responsibilities and irregular working hours, the work is difficult the hours are long. Even while we celebrate Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Christmas, or Deepavali, they are still at work. They manage new technology like the EZ-link and cope with increased service expectations of commuter captains continuously, improving their skills and knowledge. Despite the nature of the job encouraged and ecstatic that bus drivers and other transportation professionals have accepted the task of providing Singapore with a reliable and effective public transportation system. The growing number of compliments is unquestionable evidence of your efforts.

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