Spectra Secondary School

by | Jun 26, 2022

Spectra Secondary School

Spectra Secondary School entrance

Things To Know About Courses Of Spectra Secondary School

Spectra Secondary School is the country’s second Specialised School for Normal Technical (SSNT) students in Singapore. In January 2014, it began its first year of business.

Technical students are engaged in academic learning in Mainstream topics as well as Vocational Training, which gets derived from Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Students must apply directly to Spectra Secondary School after their Primary School Leaving Examination, unlike the traditional method of being assigned to a shortlisted secondary school by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore (PSLE).

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Normal (Technical) Instruction

The only course offered in Spectra Secondary School is the Normal (Technical) course, which prepares pupils for a technical-vocational education at the Institute of Technical Education. In the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination, students take four compulsory topics. Students will get given the option of continuing or not continuing “NT Science” before being promoted to Secondary 3.

Normal Academic Course

Students who received a distinction in the courses in which they excel may be encouraged by a teacher to take a NA subject if the student so desires. The NA Subjects would – get included in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level test if they accept it.

Spectra Secondary School bldg

Course in a Trade

Spectra Secondary School, getting a Specialised NT School, provides Vocational Courses, primarily derived from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), to train students and familiarise them with the industry. Retail, Hospitality, Facility, and Mechanical are the four vocational subjects offered in the course.

Philosophy, culture, and ethos are all – essential aspects of a school’s culture.

Every student is unique, with their talents and strengths. To help every Spectran reach its full potential, we offer a personalised and stage-appropriate curriculum by the most compassionate and patient instructors and brittle school-parent-industry collaborations.

The curriculum gets organised around three essential growth stages. The first focuses on social and personal learning – intending to boost students’ self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and professional goals.

The second focuses on improving kids’ literacy and numeracy skills to set them up for success in:

  • School, 
  • at work, and 
  • in everyday life. 

The third focuses on developing long-term job and life skills, knowledge, and attitudes through a curriculum that integrates academic courses with practical and vocational programs.

The School believes that providing a loving and safe learning environment will enable each Spectran to achieve its full potential. The School’s rallying cry is: Together We Can, aims to remind every Spectran of teamwork and unwavering faith.

Volunteering in the Community

Our students also participate in Service Learning initiatives with long-term community partners at Spectra. Our Secondary Two students in the Early Intervention Program for Infants and Children (EIPIC) at SPD create and implement programs for the children. This year, our students created shoebox activity kits for the kids to help them with hand-eye coordination, visual-motor integration, and visual processing.

Our Secondary Three students interact with the elderly from nearby senior activity centres and enjoy festivals with them, such as Chinese New Year. Our elderly beneficiaries have got benefited from these intergenerational bonding venues. This year, we teamed up with VintageRadio, a radio station that brings the elderly and the young together.

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