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Everything you need to know about the St. Andrew’s Cathedral

St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the largest and oldest Anglican cathedral, is a breathtaking Neo-Gothic architectural landmark in Singapore’s Civic District. With its white-stone walls, the tower that rises into the sky, lancet-shaped windows, magnificent decorations, and brilliant stained glass windows, St. Andrew’s Cathedral is a work of breathtaking beauty. Three individuals in Singaporean history—John Crawford, William Butterworth, and Stamford Raffles—are honored in the stained-glass windows. The St. Andrew’s Cathedral, constructed in the 1830s, was struck by lightning twice before being shuttered and eventually destroyed. Several iconic items that symbolize a piece of Singapore’s Anglican Church history get kept in St Andrew’s Cathedral.

The architecture of St Andrew’s Cathedral :

St. Andrew’s Cathedral is a work of art and one of Singapore’s few remaining specimens of English Neo-Gothic architecture. The St. Andrew’s Cathedral building measures 35.5 m broad and 68.58 m long. Madras chunam plaster formed of shell lime without sand, egg white, coarse sugar or jaggery, and water to which coconut husks afterward added, used to plaster the structure. A half-ton bell was donated in 1843 by Maria Balestier, the spouse of Joseph Balestier, the American Consul. The old bell was transported to Singapore’s National Museum in 1889 after being replaced by a new peal of bells.


  • Whether you consider yourself religious or not, you should still attend Sunday church services to hear the stunning choir of Singapore’s oldest musical institution, St. Andrew’s Cathedral.
  • After the majority of services, light refreshments get provided. Make sure you stick around for these since it’s a terrific chance to mingle with the clergy and pastors and make new acquaintances.
  • Because the church’s facilities are handicap accessible, people can use them.
  • The Nave, which is the Main Worship Hall, is a strictly no-food, no-drink zone. All time must spend in silence, and phones should be on mute.
  • Inside the church, sophisticated casual attire and appropriate footwear get required.
  • The Cathedral Café gets located on the property and is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The cafe offers a selection of delectable hot dishes, ice cream, and drinks like coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Everyone is welcome to attend, even those who do not wish to eat. Additionally, the café offers free WiFi.

Important details regarding the guided trips that you should know:

  • Make sure to reserve the excursion long enough in advance. The Nave will likely be open when you come if you make a reservation in advance because the church offers services both throughout the week and on the weekends.
  • Only scheduled Saturday trips are available. Make time slots available on Saturday because they might not always be.
  • For a tour, a minimum group size of 10 individuals gets required.
  • The tours are charged free and grant access to the main worship space to private spaces like the Nativity Chapel and the East Windows.
  • With the necessary approval from the authorities and a confirmed reservation, self-guided groups and tours get also permitted.

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