St. Joseph’s Institution Junior

by | May 29, 2022

St. Joseph's Institution Junior

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Everything Know About St. Joseph’s Institution Junior

The school first opened its doors to 590 students in 1954. Brother Ascislus Michael, Director of Saint Joseph’s Institution, was the inspiration for the school’s name. Brother Thomas was the initial principal. Saint Michael’s School and Saint Joseph’s Junior School united in 1965.

Approximately 2,000 pupils currently attend the institution. On October 3, 2006, the school declared that beginning January 1, 2007, it would be known as St. Joseph’s Institution Junior, keeping with its 10-year Josephine program. Some former students, however, were opposed to the initial renaming proposal. Former Michaelians signed several internet petitions to keep the name.

Meta Description

St. Joseph’s Institution Junior is a Singapore-based Catholic elementary school for boys. The school was once known as St Michael’s School.

School Unique Programmes and services

Mother Tongue 

Students learn to communicate comfortably and successfully in real-life settings with the Mother Tongue curriculum. Authentic activities and ICT are used in the classroom to improve student’s communication abilities. 

Key Programmes:

  • MT Reward Star Programme
  • P1 to P5 Reading Programme (CL)
  • Department Library Programme (CL)
  • Authentic Learning Activities
  • MT Learning Journey
  • Cultural Festival and Exposure Programmes

Character Development 

Character Development Key Programs demonstrate how the school promotes Positive Education to motivate each student in every way.

  • Positive Education
  • The Leader in Me Program
  • Peer Support Program
  • Guardian Angel
  • Class Points System
  • Start Right Program
  • Leave to Serve Program
  • Connect 1-6
  • Take five and Take 1
  • Caught Doing Good

cyberwellness programme

The cyber wellness program at SJIJ strives to strengthen the student’s protective instincts while also empowering him to take charge of his safety online. When the three principles of ‘Respect for Self and Others,’ ‘Safe and Responsible Use,’ and ‘Positive Peer Influence’ get followed, a student’s well-being in cyberspace is secured because he makes informed judgments.

Key Programs

  • Assembly Talks
  • Recess Activities
  • Cyber Wellness Lesson Packages
  • Cyber Wellness infused into English lessons
  • Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors Training

ECG Key Programmes 

ECG Key Programmes provide P4 students get the chance to apply for jobs, attend interviews, and then work for 2-4 weeks while earning VIA hours.

  • Assembly Programme
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • ECG Lesson
  • MySkillsFuture Portal Training
  • Career Fair

Events Conducted

  • Partners Appreciation Tea Session
  • Children’s Day Recess Carnival
  • Code for Dun
  • Debate Training
  • SJI Junior Father and Son Camp
  • Technology Integration
  • E3 Parent’s Workshop

School Crest

A white cross, representing the Christian faith, divides the crest’s greenfield into four quadrants. The Brothers’ mark, a five-pointed star, the signum fidei, is located in the center of the cross. Its origin can get traced back to the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Magi (wise men from the East) to Christ’s birth. The Christian Brothers of St. John Baptist De La Salle’s motto is Signun Fidei (the Sign of Faith). The three interlocking circles in the top quadrant symbolize games and the sporting spirit of all Josephians.

The lamp of knowledge on a book, a sign of learning, is in the upper right quadrant. The lion in the bottom left quadrant symbolizes Josephians’ bravery and resolve in the face of life’s numerous hardships. The school’s monogram gets located in the bottom right quadrant of the crest.

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