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by | May 29, 2022

St. Stephen's School

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Academic and Key Programs in St. Stephen’s School

The school aspires to holistically develop each boy entrusted to its care by delivering a human and Christian education. St Stephen’s mission is to teach youth in a Lasallian community how to learn and live, enabling them to become men of integrity and men for others. The academic programs in St. Stephen’s School are updated regularly to assist all mainstream boys in becoming more interested in studying and achieving their academic potential. 

Meta Description

St Stephen’s School is one of St John Baptist de La Salle’s seven Lasallian schools in Singapore (formerly known as Christian Brothers’ Schools).

School Academic Programs


The goal of the course is to help all students achieve basic and functional literacy so that English can get used in a variety of situations in everyday life. Most students in St. Stephen’s School achieve competency in speech, reading, and writing to enjoy English study and take it to new heights.

Key Programmes and Activities

  • STELLAR and school-based English Language curriculum
  • Choral Speaking
  • Readers Theatre
  • Storytelling
  • E-book writing enrichment
  • Literacy support programs (LSP, SDR, RRP)
  • Learning Journeys
  • Reading Rewards Programme
  • English Literary Week
  • Book Buffet
  • Reading Carnival


Math is Magical, Alive, Challenging, and Engaging when approached with a positive mindset.

Key Programmes

  • P1 and P2 Learning Support Mathematics (LSM)
  • P1 – P3 Maths Trails
  • Mathematics Enrichment Programme (P4 and P5)
  • Olympiad Enrichment and Competition (P4 to P6)

Mother Tongue

Festival Celebrations

  • Chinese New Year celebration
  • Hari Raya celebration
  • Deepavali celebration

Cultural and Language Exposure

  • Mother Tongue Fortnight and Culture Camp
  • Mother Tongue Reading Campaign
  • CBS MT Story Telling Competition
  • P3 Cultural Learning Journey
  • P4 Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme
  • P5 Oversea immersion program
  • Royal Writer


Instill values and develop competencies in our Stephenians, preparing them to be responsible for their families and communities and recognize their duties as helpful citizens in influencing the nation’s future.

Key Programmes

  • Catechism and Lasallian Celebrations
  • Character and Citizenship Education lessons
  • Ethics
  • Form Teachers Guidance Period
  • National Education Commemorative Events
  • Values-in-action Programmes
  • Education and Career Guidance
  • Sexuality Education Programme
  • Social Studies


Students are digitally literate and future-ready. Every learner with access to technology should have access to high-quality learning.

Cyber wellness Programme

The school’s Cyber wellness Program, a partnership of ICT, CCE, and SM, aims to educate pupils about the MOE Cyber wellness framework.

Physical Education 

Each Stephenian’s faith, character, and motor talents will get fostered through good learning theories, effective teaching, and intrinsic motivation.

Key Programs

  • Programs of High Priority
  • Studying Mental Skills in Sports (P1 to P6)
  • Discovering Sports Heroes (P1 to P6)
  • Inter-class and intra-class sports competitions (P3 to P6) (trial project)
  • Participating Majulah Jog (P1 to P6) at ECP
  • Participating Junior Olympics(P1& P2)
  • Depending on SMM


CCAs are a vital aspect of a student’s overall education. Students learn about their interests and abilities while establishing values and competencies that will help them prepare for a quickly changing world through CCA. As children study, play and grow together, CCA fosters friendships among students from various backgrounds. CCA helps children develop a sense of connection, dedication, and duty to their school, community, and country.

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