Tampines North Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

Tampines North Primary School

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Tampines North Primary School Distinctive Programs

Students at Tampines North Primary School love learning in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, and they look forward to attending a school where each child is valued. The school uses and collaborates with important stakeholders and the community to realize its vision of being a school that encourages individuals to be their best, guided by its mission to instill a lively curiosity and graciousness in every learner.

Tampines North Primary School emphasizes students’ holistic development via its whole curriculum and staff development as a primary driver of student learning. And the meaningful and unique learning creation environment where students achieve success, deepen their interests and improve their performance.

Physical Education

The physical education curriculum in Tampines North Primary School is to give children various movement experiences to help them develop their overall development. The goal is to assist all students in laying the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. The lower primary level emphasizes mastery of fundamental motor abilities such as locomotory, non-locomotory, and manipulative skills and the movement application ideas to improve students’ efficiency, effectiveness, and variety. The upper primary level builds on the mastery of discrete skills by focusing on more complicated combinations and sequences of movements and the skills in more easily recognized forms of activity and games.


The school employs a whole-school approach to enhance students’ experiences in character and citizenship education.

The CCE curriculum focuses on using the V3 (Values Inculcation, Values In Action, and Values Reflection) to provide students with the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes/values they need to become Confident Learners and Critical Thinkers with Values. Students get age-appropriate learning opportunities to apply the principles they have learned, make decisions, and act responsibly on those decisions.

Student Management

To study effectively, students need an environment that is both tidy and disciplined. Simultaneously, children will be able to learn from their mistakes and progress in a caring, encouraging, and safe environment. They hope to instill a caring culture in the school through student-led leadership activities. A constructive, proactive approach to discipline, on the other hand, improves kids’ readiness and willingness to study, as well as their physical and psychological safety. These two aspects, in turn, contribute to a learning and development environment for pupils. TNPS focuses on encouraging positive student behavior with learning and growth through teaching values and skills and timely reinforcement through corrective guidance.

Cyber wellness

The Cyberwellness goal in Character and Citizen Education (CCE) is to provide TNPS students with the information and skills they need to harness the power of technology and ICT to maintain a positive presence in cyberspace and traverse it safely. The school uses MOE’s Sense-Think-Act structure to help students develop their instinct to protect themselves online and empower them to take charge of their safety. When the two concepts of ‘Respect for Self and Others’ and ‘Safe and Responsible Use’ are followed, students’ well-being in cyberspace will get assured since they make informed judgments.

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