Tampines Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

Tampines Primary School

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Tampines Primary School Offers What Curriculum?

The school has accredited curricular and non-curricular programs to guarantee that each child is advocated for, holistically developed, and actively engaged. Two distinct hallmark programs are available at the school. Students at Tampines Primary School acquire confidence, creativity, communication skills, and values via drama as part of the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) ‘ACTitude.’

‘Future Ready Citizens – Developing the Community Leader’ is the new Learning for Life Programme (LLP) that aspires to develop all students into leaders who can look beyond themselves to help others. Students will understand the value of empathy, caring, and thankfulness by applying servant leadership principles. In their encounters, they will have the opportunity to practice these skills. Integrity, respect, excellence, adaptability, and passion are the iREAP school values that underpin all of this.

Meta Description

Yumin Primary School opened in1985, while Tampines Primary School opened in1986, with a teaching staff of 42 and 1152 students enrolled in 29 classes.

Bi-Culture Programme

TPS launched the Bi-Culture Programme in 2010 for P3 and P4 High Progress pupils to help them develop a respect for both Singapore and Chinese culture. This innovative program introduces Chinese literature, culture, traditions, and history to P3 and P4 High Progress pupils. Students have had the opportunity to study Singapore and Chinese history, participate in theatrical training, and embark on an exciting learning adventure as part of this curriculum.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) 

Tampines Primary School develops self-assured and caring leaders who serve their community and society. LLP is based on servant leadership concepts and incorporates the Design Thinking framework to help students enhance their creative thinking skills. Curriculum uses an experiential and authentic learning approach to foster student voice and ownership, empathy, and future-readiness in students, underpinned by the three fundamental CCE ideas (Identity, Relationships, and Choices).

Applied Learning Programme (Drama)

STAR ACTtituDE is the Tampines Primary Drama as Applied Learning Programme (ALP). It represents kids who have the Strengths, Talents, aspirations, and Resilience to be Creative and Confident Team players with Drama in Education as a catalyst for change.

Tampines Primary uses drama as an ALP to help students become more creative, versatile, and self-assured. Students develop a love of language and the art form through creative play and imaginative stimulation when exposed to drama in the classroom and beyond. It employing drama as a learning tool, students will graduate with confidence in producing, acting, and responding.

Student Management Department

Students’ well-being and holistic development are taken care of by the Student Management Department. They value diversity and provide programs to meet the needs of various student groups. They also offer a variety of leadership opportunities for all students, believing that all students have the potential to lead and serve.

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

The school has implemented explicit CCE lessons on values education (school values that include the attributes in the Tampinesian Hallmark), student leadership, NE, and life skills through the improved TPS Spring to develop the Hallmark of a Tampinesian. Students get expected to seek ways to put their abilities into practice after each lesson, documented in the lesson paper.

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