Teck Ghee Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

Teck Ghee Primary School

Teck Ghee Primary School Logo

Know About The Teck Ghee Primary School

In December 2002, the previous Teck Ghee Primary School and Chong Li Primary School combined to establish the current Teck Ghee Primary School.

Teck Ghee Primary School, situated at 1 Ang Mo Kio Street 42, was founded in 1979. Mr. Lee Yoke Suan, the then-MP of Cheng San CC, formally launched the school in April 1989. It was the third government school established in Ang Mo Kio, having opened on 10 July 1979 at 1 Ang Mo Kio Street 42.

Mr. S Chandra Das, the then-MP for Chong Boon CC, formally launched Chong Li Primary School in September 1983. It began in 1981, with classrooms held in the old Braddell Secondary School building.

Meta Description:

Teck Ghee Primary School and Chong Li Primary School combined in 2002 to establish the current Teck Ghee Primary School.


Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today is the school’s vision.


We got dedicated to assisting all of our students in becoming:- Creative thinkers, Confident communicators, Lifelong learners, and Responsible citizens by fostering a good and caring learning environment and collaborating with stakeholders.

Philosophy, culture, and ethos in the classroom:

Team Spirit, Graciousness, Perseverance, and Self-Discipline, as summarised by the acronym TGPS, are vital in establishing the Teck Ghee Primary School spirit and culture and motivating judgement, decisions, and actions. A caring culture supports the learning environment by encouraging exploration, learning by doing, and peer learning.

Learning from the Ground Up:

The TGPS deep learning journey aims to develop lifelong learners in teachers and students, including teachers with a deep learning mindset and students engaged in the deep learning process.

A teacher with a deep learning mentality creates relevant, student-centred lessons. Teachers promote deep learning are concerned with developing meaning and comprehension, generating connections, and forming interconnections between significant facts and concepts. As they acquire and employ literacy, numeracy, and thinking abilities, students get provided chances to process information and ideas. It attempts to apply learning – in the classroom to real-life problems. Teachers at TGPS have also implemented a blended learning strategy to harness technology and guarantee that students study in a hybrid of online and offline environments.

Back-to-School (BTS) is a bi-annual program that attempts to:

  • After a long school holiday, we want to make it easy for our children to return to school.
  • Every teacher should be encouraged to become a CCE instructor.
  • TSR (teacher-student connection) and SSR (student-student relationship) should be strengthened (SSR)

The program’s activities get divided into four categories:

  • TSR and SSR development
  • instilling values and skills
  • integrating the curriculum
  • the pupils’ well-being

Students are ushered into a new semester with a greater desire to learn and a better drive for these unique and meaningful activities, enabling teaching and learning.

Learn for Life program:

The Art of Communication with Multimedia is a Learning for Life Program at TGPS that focuses on communicating and sharing knowledge through multimedia. The changing student profile, the desire to provide learning opportunities for all, and the need to combine rigour with the joy of learning have all influenced the focus on multimedia.

Students must be effective communicators to be tomorrow’s leaders. At TGPS, we want our students to be able to articulate and communicate their points of view logically and confidently while adhering to social standards.

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