Temasek Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

Temasek Primary School

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Temasek Primary School: The Fundamentals To Know

Temasek Primary School relocated to its current location on Bedok South Avenue 3 in December 2000, and the new campus opened on April 19 – 2002. In 2014, an indoor sports hall got built as part of the PERI upgrade. Since January 2015, the school has been a single-session operation.

The Temasek Primary School has got awarded the Singapore Quality Class, School Distinction Award, Best Practices Award in Teaching and Learning, and Staff Well-Being, as well as the Sustained Achievement Award in Physical Fitness, the Character Development Award, CHERISH Gold Award, Outstanding Partnership Award, and the National Arts Education Glow Award for its organisational excellence. Furthermore, the school has produced 10 Prime Minister Book Prize winners, three President’s Award for Teachers recipients, and two Outstanding Youth in Education Award recipients.

Meta Description:

In 1979, Temasek Primary School started offering lessons at Bedok View Primary School. The school opened with 2,200 children from other schools.

Our Goals:

We want to be known as the Vibrant Learning Campus, where students may Learn, Lead, Serve, and Grow to become future-ready citizens with brittle values.

Our Purpose:

Developing our pupils become responsible and adaptable persons with a desire to study for the rest of their lives and the ability to contribute successfully to society.

Our Mission Statement:

Every kid, we think, can learn, act proper, and care for others.

Philosophy of Discipline:

The goal of school rules and regulations – is to ensure that our instructors and children have a safe and productive learning environment. When there is order and discipline, students learn better.

Discipline is a form of education at – instilling self-discipline and excellent character in students. The teaching of values and skills and timely reinforcement through corrective counsel to address students’ misbehaviour, the focus – is on developing positive student behaviour in support of learning and growth.

Disciplinary actions serve as a surrogate for the repercussions of bad decisions. It must get used in a fair, firm, and appropriate manner. To make our kids realise that their actions have consequences and that they must learn to accept responsibility, the school and parents/guardians must work together.

Program for Student Leadership Development:

Each leadership position has distinct functions and responsibilities. Our student leaders are hand-picked and given specialised training to help them succeed in their roles. In addition, the school affirms and acknowledges its commitment to the school. We use a whole-school strategy to develop exceptional student leaders by allowing them to exercise their leadership skills.

In the classroom, expectations and routines must get established.

The school uses the ACE strategy to develop Student Management, Teacher-Student Relationships, and a Caring and Enabling Classroom Environment to build a Positive Classroom Culture.

– Examine your attire and appearance

– Compassionate Learning Environment

– Creating a Supportive Environment

The ACE technique gets used by teachers to encourage – students active-part in creating a Positive Classroom Culture.

Approaches to Student Management in Context:

Temasekian has Social-Emotional Competencies (SEL), which aid them in their relationships with classmates and classroom learning. In our interactions with teachers, we use the Strength-Based Approach, Positive Discipline, and Growth Mindset. Finally, instructors get given the Restorative Practices Language, which is central to all the methods.

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