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by | May 29, 2022

Unity Primary School

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We can’t do it all by ourselves coming to inspire and educate our young charges. In every children’s education, parents play an equally important part. To get the highest educational achievements, the school and family must work together. The Unity Primary School years lay the groundwork for learning, but your full cooperation in ensuring that your kid arrives at school ready to learn is critical to their continued growth.

Meta Description:

Unity Primary School got founded in 1999, its 23rd anniversary. Green and Experiential Programs, improve kids’ by providing values, building character, etc.

Aim of school:

We aim to provide a comprehensive education that makes learning relevant, develops character, and guarantees that every child has the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the future. We dedicate to offering high-quality teaching and learning in and out of the classroom and contributing value to our students’ lives. We believe that learning flourishes in a caring and safe learning environment – when children create knowledge actively – their thinking skills and dispositions and when evaluation gets utilised to correct learning gaps, as stated in the MOE Singapore Curriculum Philosophy.


A kind heart, a creative mind, and a self-assured.


Our goal is to give our pupils a high-quality, all-encompassing education.


Respect, responsibility, resiliency, integrity, care, and harmony are all values we hold dear.

Program for Lifelong Learning:

The Ministry of Education has recognized Unity Primary School’s efforts to implement the learning for Life Program ‘CharGE UP!’ – Character development through Green and Experiential learning at Unity Primary. With its Green and Experiential Learning Programs, Unity Primary School aims to improve our kids’ by providing a solid foundation in values, empowering pupils with leadership abilities, and building character.

‘CharGE UP’ aims to help our children from Primary 1 to Primary 6 achieve our school’s goal of ‘Creative Minds, Caring Hearts’ via engaged learning and character development under our E5 (Engagement, Exposure, Experience, Excellence, and Evaluation) strategy.

It is a structured and progressive approach that focuses on Green Environmental Education and Experiential Learning – effectively providing platforms for deepening skills and knowledge opportunities.

Co-curricular activities

The school’s Co-Curricular Activities program is one of the school’s Co-Curriculum Programs (CCA). Based on the student’s choice of CCA, the school’s CCA focuses on specific information, skills, and values. The CCA allows students to find their interests and abilities while also offering a platform for students from all backgrounds to build connections and socialise.

They instil a life-long passion for a specific activity, whether a sport or a musical endeavour, in the student when they are well-organised and implemented. It enables the learner to have a balanced adult life.

Module for Drawing:

Our pupils learn to sketch as a tool – expressing their thoughts and imagination. Our students experiment with various materials and engage in vast creative methods, including doodling, drawing, and digital art.

Museum-based education (Primary 4):

Our Primary four children have visited a local museum to study Southeast Asian artists and artworks. Our pupils also appreciate local art and knowledge of Singapore’s history and traditions.

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