Wellington Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

Wellington Primary School

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What Are The Framework For Wellington Primary School?

Develop into a world-class institution that produces future-ready leaders. Empowering each individual, nurturing skills, and grooming leaders are all goals. To equip Wellington Primary School, they need to make responsible decisions based on RICE2 ideals. The Personal Mastery Board formed intending to establish a whole-school educational approach that teaches principles in an organised manner so that Wellingtonians are self-disciplined and compassionate.

Meta Description

On January 2, 2001, Wellington Primary School opened its doors. MOE spent 11 million dollars to construct the school at 10 Wellington Circle.

Framework for Student Leadership

Wellington Primary School SLD framework is design to complement the school’s vision, values, and “5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.” The outcome “Future-ready Leader” is at the heart of the framework, and it aligns with the school’s aim of “being an excellent institution that creates future-ready leaders.” The school believes that to develop into “Future-ready Leaders,” Wellingtonians must first be anchored in Values. The school’s RICE2 values, which serve as the foundation for leadership development, are depicted in the centre ring. In the outermost Kouzes, Posner’s 5 Practices encircle the framework. The 5 Practices supported by the school are the outward expressions of how students demonstrate successful leadership and selfless service.

Cultural Camp for Mother Tongue (Primary 4)

It was a day jam-packed with fun and educational activities. Pupils used role-playing to express themselves, played traditional games, and ate a delicious traditional Indian feast. The ‘Uri Adithal,’ where they could cheer for their friends while getting their own soaked, was one of the pleasures of the traditional games. They ate their lunch on banana leaves and learned about the proper placement of the leaf and the suitable places for each type of food.

Goals of the Physical Education Department

To enable each student to exhibit the physical abilities, practises, and values necessary for a lifetime of active and healthy living, both individually and in collaboration with others as a leader. In keeping with the school’s vision of “becoming an excellent institution that develops future-ready leaders,” the department aims to empower every student to demonstrate as a leader the physical skills, practises, and values necessary for a lifetime of active and healthy living, both individually and with others.

P.E is a vital part of a student’s education; when taught in a safe and supportive atmosphere, it may help them develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It aims to establish the groundwork for pupils to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Citizenship and Character Student Development & Education

At Wellington, we emphasise our students’ overall growth. 

 PWD team took a student-centred approach to ensure that our children are well-supported socially, emotionally, and morally throughout their six-year tenure at Wellington. We have a staff of teachers, counsellors, and other educators dedicated to developing and executing programmes that promote our children’s overall well-being. We also collaborate with MOE, community partners such as Northwest CDC and police, and the School Advisory Committee (SAC) to provide timely support to meet our children’s diverse needs.

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