West Spring Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

West Spring Primary School

West Spring Primary School Students

Events And Programmes Conducted In West Spring Primary School

Students, we feel, love coming to school when they can have tiny and large triumphs. Effective in mastering the skills and creating the disposition and attitude that will keep students open to lifetime learning. The West Spring Primary School community of dedicated teachers, staff, and supportive parents and partners believe in the school’s goal for students’ enthusiasm for going to school.

Meta Description

West Spring Primary School founded in 2014. Our concept is the belief that a positive learning environment gives chances to pupils.

West Spring’s Current Events

Our Primary 3 to Primary five students use the Little Red Dot (LRD) newspaper as a platform to focus on English language learning, news and current events, as well as emotional learning, values education, and national education. The articles in the LRD provide many discussion topics for students and teachers of West Spring Primary School. Students’ critical-thinking abilities developed through such engagements, which allow them to world views by staying well informed and self-directed in their use of knowledge, discerning reality from falsity by critically processing and analysing information.

Programs for Math Enrichment

We reward students who show enthusiasm for the subject by pushing them beyond the syllabus with information. Students were to think creatively and critically while using problem-solving skills to solve a variety of innovative Math topics and scenarios. These sessions are a requirement of the course.

Students show good mathematical sense and enthusiasm to compete in various math competitions hosted by organisations. 


Amazing Time Observing Magical Science or ATOMS is an acronym for “Amazing Time Observing Magical Science.” It’s a teacher-led pre-assembly programme designed to pique children’s interest in science through theatrical presentations with a magical twist. Miniature science experiments demonstrate utilising readily available resources. The program’s ultimate learning goal is for pupils to appreciate science and regard it as a tool for exploring the natural and physical world.

Dispatcher-Assisted first REsponder (DARE)

DARE (Dispatcher-Assisted First Responder) is part of the Physical Education (PE) curriculum. This programme corresponds to one of the Physical and Health Fitness (PHF) topics on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an AED (AED).

Students will gain the following knowledge and abilities as a result of this hands-on programme:

  • gaining experience working alongside a 995 expert,
  • last, how to conduct simple chest compressions
  • Using an AED on a victim of cardiac arrest.

Heritage Explorers is a programme. 

The Heritage Explorer Program is integrated into the Social Studies curriculum at West Spring Primary to boost pupils’ awareness of local heritage. The National Heritage Board’s programme seeks to help children explore and appreciate their families, community, and nation’s heritage. Social Studies, National Education, and Character and Citizenship Education are all enhanced by the Heritage Explorer Program. 

Journeys of Learning

CCE Learning Journeys like the Peranakan Culture Learning Journey for P4 and the MOE Virtual Learning Journey to Ancient Civilisation Museum for P6 provide an engaging experience for our students that goes beyond text-based learning. P4 pupils get the opportunity to enhance their learn by clarifying their doubts with the tour leader during the Zoom session. They get to take a ‘tour’ of the museum and listen to the tour guide’s stories. SLS will take P6 kids on an experience in Southeast Asia.

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