West View Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

West View Primary School

West View Primary School Classroom

Things To Know About The West View Primary School

The school relocated to its current location at 31 Senja Road in December 1999. That year, the student population had four of the school’s classes relocated to Fajar Secondary School, the school’s second site. Since then, the student population has remained stable at 30 courses in West View Primary School.

Meta Description

West View Primary School opened on January 2, 1998 response to a growing demand for places in the Bukit Panjang and Chua Chu Kang housing estates. 

CCA (Core) 

We at West View Primary School believe that every West View is a gifted student. We offer both modular and core CCA (as illustrated in the diagram below) for our Co-Curricular Activities to students with the chance to explore their interests and talents while also improving their character, values, and leadership. 

Our core CCAs, or CCAs for short, allow students to reach their full potential and flourish in pursuit of their interests and abilities outside of the classroom. Pupils who demonstrate talent in their CCA will be challenged further through developmentally appropriate competitions and performances both within and outside the school.

Canteen for Healthy Eating

In addition to physical activity, our school uses learning spaces to raise awareness of all facets of health. Learning walls instal in the school canteen to educate students on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Set meals with food from the four main food groups – brown rice and wholemeal bread, meat and other meats, vegetables and fruit – are also introduced. It is to that students receive the proper nutrients for their growing bodies.


Through Olympic Day, the PE department hopes to instil the Olympic principles of excellence, respect, and camaraderie. West View Primary School had its first Olympic Day at Bukit Gombak Sports Stadium in 2019. The students part in various sporting events and had a good time at the Telematches. Our students worked together as a class to plan for the events leading up to the event. As part of our Olympism@WVPS programme, our junior sports CCA members also visited the Singapore Sports Museum at Sports Hub in the same year.


An empathic student, a self-assured leader, and a community contributor

The identity we strive for the students to develop result of various chances offered to them is that of a confident leader, first to themselves and subsequently to others. As the students learn to be self-assured leaders, they will recognise the value of empathy for others. West Views will be active contributors to many communities once they have gained confidence others.

The Month’s Artists

We believe that brilliance ought to be recognised and celebrated. Selected West View students are recognise as Artistes of the Month once a month and get the opportunity to perform in front of the entire school. Through their performances and speaking about their creative processes and how they overcame hurdles, these students serve as role models for their peers.

Celebrations of Birthdays

Every student at West View Primary School is valued. As a result, we commemorate each child’s birthday. All students learn how to express gratitude to one another through this group celebration. Song Leaders chosen every month to lead the entire school in singing, and this opportunity serves to develop students’ confidence in the lead.

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