Westwood Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

Westwood Primary School

Westwood Primary School Gymnastics

More To KnowAbout the Westwood Primary School

Although Westwood Primary School only opened in 2013, school leaders and staff have contacted the parents of their first class of students since Pri 1 registration earlier this year. Mrs Sarah Seow, the Vice-Principal, met with several of them in September for a coffee session to seek comments on the school uniform design, and the school hopes to launch a Parent Support Group by the middle of next year. A Westwood Primary School Facebook page has also established d to provide regular online communication with parents and address any questions they may have.

Meta Description

On Jan 2 2013, Westwood Primary School, a new school on Jurong West Street 73, opened its doors. Westwood Primary School barely opened in 2013.

Westwood’s ICT Experience!

The ICT Experience@Westwood is a programme will provide every student with the basic ICT skills needed to be a future-ready, anchor-steady individual. Pupils will learn to be self-directed and collaborative learners through the Baseline ICT Standard Literacy Program, which will provide them with the necessary ICT skills for the twenty-first century. With the increased use of technology in schools and households, cyber wellness aims to strengthen students’ instincts for self-defence and empower them to take responsibility for their safety while online.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department aims to foster competencies in our students so that they may engage in self-directed and collaborative learning while also becoming discerning and responsible ICT users in the twenty-first century.

Department of Aesthetics Goals

The arts are critical to our children’s overall development. It helps them gain knowledge of the physical, emotional, intellectual, artistic, social, moral, and spiritual aspects of human existence. Through the formal Art and Music curriculum, school-based programmes, and Visual and Performing Arts co-curricular activities, Westwood Primary Aesthetics aims to provide learners with a full Visual and Performing Arts experience. We hope that by instilling a love of and appreciation for the arts in our students, we will be able to ignite their enthusiasm for them. We are that art may help students develop their 21CC and THRIVE outcomes, which will better prepare them to face future challenges and opportunities to understand them.

Curricular Objectives in English

English is the common language in Singapore, and it helps to bring the many ethnic and cultural groups together. On a global scale, English enables Singaporeans to participate in a knowledge-based economy in which English is the primary language of the Internet, Science and Technology, and International Trade. The Primary English Language Syllabus 2020 focuses on development, reinforcement and extension of language skills in the primary years through a love of the language and the promotion of extensive reading; and leveraging oracy, reading, and writing skills to develop independent use of the language.

Program for Lifelong Learning

“Igniting Young Hearts with a Passion for the Community,” Westwood Primary’s Learning for Life Program, is a whole-school approach to character, citizenship, and values education through community involvement and social action. Positive Education is at the heart of the LLP’s curriculum design at Westwood Primary. The following are the six aspects of Positive Education:

  • Consider your options carefully.
  • Coping in a Healthy Way
  • Good Relationships
  • In the motherland
  • Actions Motivated by Values
  • Positivity Emotions

These are incorporated into the programmes to help students strengthen their interpersonal interactions, develop positive emotions, improve personal resilience and better understand their meaning and purpose.

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