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by | May 29, 2022

Valour Primary School

Valour Primary School Logo

Valour Primary School: You Need To Know

The red “V” arching upwards represents Valour Primary School’s teachers and pupils, who are full of passion, courage, and confidence, reaching out beyond the school to the community, nation, and globe.

The book symbolises the information and principles that staff and students get based on them. The shield represents bravery and perseverance in the face of future obstacles and uncertainty. The green and blue indicate that the future generation will outperform the previous one.

Meta Description:

It accomplishes a school-based comprehension teaching approach, and teaches comprehension skills. Valour Primary School, taught several comprehension tactics.

Readers who have been reading for a long time:

We are firm believers in the value of reading. Reading stimulates one’s imagination and provides a treasure trove of surprise and delight for young brains. We believe in free voluntary reading (Krashen, 1993), in which students read anything they choose and are not held accountable through book reports or diary entries.

We strive to produce thoughtful and intelligent readers in addition to nurturing a love of reading.


In addition to STELLAR, your kid will have genuine learning experiences to help them speak confidently, effectively, and compassionately. Your kid will also be encouraged to explore ideas, concepts, and areas of interest outside – the classroom, allowing him to grow as a creative and critical thinker.

We aim for your child will be a confident communicator, a creative inquirer, and an ardent and thoughtful reader after students six years at Valour Primary School.


We at Valour Primary School believe that mastering mathematical ideas and abilities will provide our students with the tools they need to succeed in life. The school’s orientation for learning and teaching mathematics gets guided by the framework below – meant to enable our students to grow and improve their mathematical ideas and abilities via realistic and engaging learning experiences.

Mathematical problem solving is at the centre of the subject. It entails learning and using mathematical concepts and abilities in various situations, such as non-routine, open-ended, and real-world issues.


We employ an inquiry-based learning method at Valour Primary School to assist pupils draw links between scientific topics and their daily lives and surroundings. We also recognize that our kids are varied, with a range of learning needs and interests. As a result, we employ differentiated teaching to scaffold and expand students’ learning while also providing a range of assignments that are relevant to their needs. We create solid basics in scientific knowledge, abilities, and the correct values, ethics, and attitudes in science in our students through carefully planned learning experiences.

The design of PAL modules at Valour Primary School strives to engage your child’s mind, heart, and hand. Each module has stood created with the following criteria in mind:

  1. The character of the experience;
  2. Taking a creative approach to learning;
  3. Creativity opportunities for youngsters;
  4. Believes in the importance of education and social-emotional learning;
  5. Pleasure and pleasure

Completion: of the PAL program, your kid will have received exposure and experiences in the broad areas of Sports & Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts via exciting and varied activities.

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