Waterway Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

Waterway Primary School

Waterway Primary School Logo

Things To Know About Waterway Primary School

Our school’s mission is to prepare students for ‘Work, Life, and the Future.’ Students must like studying, learning constantly, and knowing how to learn to work in positions in the future economy. Students must develop strong values to work and live successfully with others throughout their lives. Students must have healthy bodies and brains and favourable attitudes toward a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime. They should be able to appreciate the better things in life, such as art and music.

In the classroom, teaching and learning transcend beyond established approaches. Customised programs get created to keep pupils interested in learning. The learning process takes precedence over the accumulation of knowledge.

Meta Description:

In 2016, Waterway Primary School opened its doors with five P1 classes. Despite the lack of finished new flats in the neighbourhood, this swiftly developed to 8 P1 classrooms in 2017 and 10 classrooms in 2018.


To provide a lively atmosphere that fosters young brains while also instilling moral values.


A Grateful Citizen and a Lifelong Learner


Empathy, responsibility, integrity, and self-discipline (RISE)

The Mission and Philosophy of the School

Waterway Primary School thinks that education should educate a kid for future life and employment. We wish our kids a love of learning and the skills and aptitude for it will be self-directed learners who understand how to study and are constantly eager to learn new things. We wish to develop character in our pupils, to grow up with strong – values, be self-assured individuals who do what is good and right, care for their families, collaborate effectively, and contribute to society.

Students will have the unique chance to participate in water and environmental education while learning about Punggol’s rich biodiversity because our school gets located next to the magnificent Punggol waterway. Water is a representation of life and expansion. It will serve as a reminder to our pupils of how Singapore deals with the issue of water scarcity. Water comes from somewhere, and it serves as a reminder to our children to respect and honor the important people in their life while also growing up to be rooted and strong like trees planted by rivers that provide fruit in season.

Crest of the school:

The lighthouse serves as a sign of guidance for pupils’ education. The school’s goal is to provide solid foundations for kids to learn, learn through life, and become courteous citizens. The beacon is the light that illuminates the way, while the tower represents a bastion of strength and hope in a sea of change.

Room for counselling:

The counsellor meets with pupils or parents in this room. The counsellor might get requested by the children. 

They get referred to as parents and instructors. The counsellor may be able to assist children with transitioning to school or coping with changes at home or school.

They may be nervous about school or want assistance in social situations with other youngsters. To assist children in relating to one another, the counsellor might visit them individually or in small groups. Parents also meet with the counsellor to talk – about how they may help their children at home.

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