Telok Kurau Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

Telok Kurau Primary School

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All You Need To Know About Telok Kurau Primary School

Telok Kurau English School first opened its doors in 1926. It got named after Telok Kurau Road, where it gets located. “Mango fish bay” is Malay for “Telok kurau” – “telok” means “bay” and “kurau” means “mango fish.”

The Telok Kurau Primary School got established to serve a growing community of people who wanted to learn English. Lessons began for a dozen students – all of them were guys.

Early colonial days was a basic two-story timber house located within a coconut plantation. A total of twelve classrooms, a hall, and a tuckshop were available. In January 1930, the late former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and the late former Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Hussein Onn entered as students.

Meta Description:

A new school building opened in 1968 to replace the original wooden structure on Lorong J. Girls were enrolled in Telok Kurau East School for the first time.


A Caring School That Strives For Excellence.


Telok Kurau Primary School mission is to help our students grow into values-driven individuals who are lifelong learners.

Philosophy, culture, and ethos in the classroom:

The Philosophy of the School

  • Committed to delivering a comprehensive education in a nurturing atmosphere to bring out the best in each kid

Care and Excellence Culture

  • Our culture places a massive focus on the well-being and development of our students and employees. We prioritise our students and meet their socio-emotional needs through the curriculum, co-curricular activities, and efforts to foster positive relationships.
  • Telok Kurau Primary School’s basic principles get based on the Character and Citizenship Education curriculum.
  • Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, Harmony, and Harmony are the basic principles.

These values are necessary for a person to have excellent character and be a valuable Singapore citizen. They assist pupils between good and wrong, making responsible decisions, and becoming more conscious of their social duties.

Initiatives such as ‘Catch Them Doing Right,’ the ‘Roll of Honour’ (ROH) program, highlighting exemplary behaviour during assemblies, academic rewards, and the Edusave Character Award are used to recognize students (ECHA).

Telok Kurau Primary School likewise promotes a growth mentality and strives for continuous development and innovation in its quest for greatness.

Today’s Telok Kurau Primary School:

TKPS has faced several challenges over its existence and has always come out stronger. In the Bedok Reservoir neighbourhood, TKPS is a cornerstone of education. It gives pupils possibilities to take on massive challenges in the future – to provide a complete education.

Character Development via Team Sports became the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in 2014, leveraging the school’s rich tradition of team sports. In 2017, the school recognized Innovative Thinking via Coding and Robotics as its Applied Learning Program (ALP).

Journeys of Learning:

Learning takes place outside of the classroom. Learning excursions gets planned to introduce our pupils to their ethnic cultures and encourage them to study their mother tongue languages. Cultural and theatre appreciation tours are among them.

Festive Gatherings:

A school community – we celebrate Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, and Deepavali. We urge our pupils to celebrate their customs while encouraging them to appreciate and respect other cultures.

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