Swiss Cottage Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Swiss Cottage Secondary School Lobby

Need To Know About  Swiss Cottage Secondary School 

Swiss Cottage Secondary School turned 50. In a young country like Singapore, a school celebrating its 50th anniversary is a remarkable achievement. Swiss Cottage Secondary School is now regarded as one of Singapore’s most prestigious public schools. It is a school with a long and illustrious history, well-established educational techniques, and a long list of school, group, and individual accomplishments, including academic, character development, and community service honours. Swiss Cottage’s success can be due to the school’s administrators, faculty, students, and community’s efforts over the past 50 years to cultivate the Swiss spirit.


Swiss Cottage Secondary School Auditorium

Thoughtful Leadership, a ‘Total Curriculum’ is needed.

Character is the starting point for the trip. Our students are guided by values in their decision-making as Thoughtful Leaders. Swiss Cottage Secondary School is inspired by the school principles of Honour and Humility, as well as the national core values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Caring, and Harmony. Our Thoughtful Leaders equip with the supporting social-emotional and 21st-century competencies to assist them in becoming work and world ready successfully access their values and make responsible judgments.

Swiss Cottage Secondary School Students

Program of Instruction

Swiss Cottage Secondary School dedicates to providing complete and holistic education to all students who enter our doors. Our students will be provided with the required knowledge, experience, thinking, and ICT skills to prepare them for future difficulties. It is critical children are securely anchored in the proper values and possess the requisite SEL and 21st Century abilities to generate Thoughtful Leaders who can impact positive change for society. Because teaching and learning occupy such a large portion of our staff’s and students’ daily schedules, we believe every lesson should and can be excellent.

Swiss Cottage Secondary School Bulletin

Internal Student Acknowledgement

Internal Student Recognition honours students who have demonstrated or showed perseverance in improving their behaviour at school.

The morning assemblies used to publicise good behaviour by presenting the Exemplary Character Awards. Excellent behaviour Once a semester, a ceremony was held to honour students who received an “Excellent” behaviour grade. In this way, Swiss Cottage exemplifies a constructive school atmosphere, with pupils frequently praised for good behaviour and good deeds. External Student Recognition also submitted students with exceptional character for National Awards.

Values and Personality Education

Students study Values and Related Competencies at Swiss that will assist them in developing holistic health in the physical, mental, and social areas of their life. They will be able to care for others and contribute to our nation and the globe if they learn to take care of themselves.

Individuals’ learning skills, recognising and controlling emotions, developing care and concern for others, forming meaningful connections, and effectively handling challenging situations are referred to as social and emotional competencies. Children must develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will enable them to tackle future problems with tenacity and resilience.

Swiss Cottage Secondary School Hallway

After-School Programs

To attain the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Objectives, the After School Engagement (ASE) Program strives to promote successive degrees of self-leadership development and social skills for our children.

Under the supervision of teachers and youth workers, Centre crews will learn how to organise and facilitate Center programmes for the school’s population. With the teachers and Youth Workers, we currently have a workforce of roughly 20 people that help manage the centre.

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