Teck Whye Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

Teck Whye Secondary School

Teck Whye Secondary School Logo

Learn More About The Teck Whye Secondary School

Teck Whye Secondary School used to provide Chinese-medium and Malay-medium lessons until English became the primary medium of teaching. The school was located in Jalan Teck Whye until it was transferred to a new facility at Teck Whye Crescent in 2002, For many years. The school’s crest, dress, and song were all updated under the direction of principal Adrian Cordeiro. At the end of 2009, a new principal, Ong Kong Hong, took over. When Ong Kong Hong accepted the position of Cluster Superintendent at the Ministry of Education headquarters, Edwin Chan, the previous vice-principal of Crescent Girls’ School, took over as principal at the beginning of January 2014. The school will combine with Chua Chu Kang Secondary School in 2023 and will locate nearby. Teck Whye Secondary School campus will use by the amalgamated institution. In 2022, the Ministry of Education announced that the school’s name changed to Chua Chu Kang Secondary School, with the Chinese name surviving in the decision to maintain names.


Teck Whye Secondary School Campus

School Philosophy, Culture, and Ethos:

Teck Whye Secondary School was opened in 1966 and has provided a supportive atmosphere for generations of students to learn and thrive. We believe every kid can learn and will find their abilities and passions while at school, creating a desire to study for the rest of their lives. To develop their character and optimize their academic ability, the school encourages students to focus equal attention on academic and non-academic endeavours. The Teck Whye Secondary School seeks to inspire diverse students group to live happy, productive, and meaningful lives with a heart and readiness to help others around them by motivating learning via various student-centred programs and pedagogies.

Teck Whye Secondary School Classroom

Applied Learning Programme:

The school’s Applied Learning Program in Urban Design aims to raise students’ knowledge of urban concerns while developing their problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaborative learning abilities as they create sustainable solutions to real-world difficulties and problems. Students learn about Design Thinking and use what they’ve learned in and out of the classroom to make sustainable solutions in the urban farming field transportation, energy, and intelligent living. Secondary 1-3 students are involved in meaningful and purposeful collaborative learning activities as part of a whole-school strategy to foster a community of future-ready learners and design thinkers. Our students will hopefully become self-directed, collaborative, and creative problem solvers in this curriculum, which will prepare them for jobs and life.

Teck Whye Secondary School Sports

School Assessment Policy:

Weighted Assessment (WA) and Non-Weighted Assessment (NWA) are two types of school-based assessment. Non-Weighted Assessments do not contribute to the computation of a student’s final grade for the academic year, whereas Weighted Assessments do. They work together to provide a well-balanced assessment system that encourages self-directed and life-long learning. Milestone Assessments (non-weighted) are given to the graduating class (Sec 4 & 5) to ensure that they put forth the consistent effort and consolidate their learning in preparation for the Preliminary Examinations (100 per cent – weighted).

Teck Whye Secondary School Hallway

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