The Methodist Church of the Incarnation

The Methodist Church of the Incarnation

Things To Know About The Methodist Church of the Incarnation 

Bukit Batok was chosen as the initial site for the church planting endeavour in 1986 by the Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) of the Methodist Church in Singapore. The project’s leader has been named Reverend Lorna Khoo. A ministry modelled after the work of Jesus was established under her direction. The church’s mission and ministry to the Bukit Batok neighbourhood became the Incarnation of Christ (John 1:14, Phil 2:5–11). At first, The Methodist Church of the Incarnation Ministry conducted Bible studies at home. Sunday School and the recurring Sunday worship service came next. By the end of 1989, there were 30 members total.

A Community turns into an official

Modern Church

By God’s mercy, the Incarnation community was established as a Local Conference on January 12, 1992, becoming a new congregation. As a result, we changed our name to The Methodist Church of the Incarnation from The Methodist Church of the Incarnation (MCI). In the Chua Chu Kang housing estate’s Teck Whye Lane, TRAC had successfully bid for a plot of land. The church structure swiftly took shape, and on January 8, 1995, the then-bishop Ho Chee Sin officiated at the ceremonial inauguration and consecration service.

In addition to continuing its outreach and mission work, MCI also launched its church kindergarten in 1996. In 1996, a Mandarin Service also launched. As of September 1999, the church had 266 members. As the number of ministries and operations increased, MCI started an expansion project. There were two extra storeys – built to the administration block. MCI received formal authority to use the new extension levels in June 1999.

Wesleyan Roots

Through the lives and ministries of the Wesley brothers and other early Methodist movement pilgrims, God fanned the spark of divine grace into a raging blaze. James Thoburn and William Oldham’s arrival in Singapore on February 7, 1885, was the first time the flame reached our shores.

They did not just arrive as a consequence of human design and intention. Fact – Charles Phillips, the man who had sent Thoburn the Macedonian summons through the letter. Waiting for them at the Singapore harbour though he had not been alerted of their arrival, at least not by humans, is proof that God – guiding them. Phillips dreamed about Thoburn and Oldham arriving in Singapore the night before. It served as a – modest reminder of – God played in bringing Methodism to Singapore.


The first local Methodist church got established on February 23, 1885, following a series of hastily planned evangelistic gatherings. Soon after, Methodism’s organisational and spiritual engines sprang into high gear. The Methodists rapidly expanded their church-planting efforts while starting schools, medical practices, and publishing ventures. From Singapore, missionary activities spread to other Southeast Asian nations.

After more than 130 years, there are currently more than 44,000 Methodists in Singapore, together with many more people from the surrounding area. They gather for worship in 46 local churches and at other preaching places. Nearly 12,000 poor elderly, families, teenagers, and children served by 20 social assistance centres and programs, have educational traditions and 15 schools. Through the Methodist Missions Society, we have mission activities in seven countries and have established a provisional annual conference in Cambodia and annual meetings in Nepal and Thailand. These are all significant turning points in

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