The Tre Ver condo is located at Potong Pasir Avenue 1 and completely out of sight from the main road.

The Tre Ver Condo Location

The area where now the Tre Ver project is situated, was known as the best area for the cultivation of vegetables in 1950’s.

Leafy vegetables were especially renown, and watercress was the most famous among them.

There were certain mining activities done in that area which created several ponds.

For the people who populated the area earlier, this was immensly important as it facilitated higher profit from cultivation of different plants.

After recession years, the government decided to redevelop these agricultural and remote areas.

Hence, in almost 1980’s the government decided to turn these previously farming and mining villages into residential projects.

It was basically a part of the redevelopment schemes.

Now the area is affected positively by the amenities added to the surrounding.

Many of the people long for the the calmness of the area that wasn’t ruined by the redevelopment.

In fact, the area now has more residential demand as it has much more convenience, amenities, and connections to the other town parts by public transportation. Also check The Tre Ver Amenities

The Tre Ver Condo Google Street View

The Tre Ver Condo google location

The Tre Ver Condo Location 4

The Tre Ver driving distance to CTE

The Tre Ver Condo Location 5

The Tre Ver Driving distance to PIE

To calculate the precise distance to the amenities, we need to discuss the exact location of the site.

To be exact, the Tre Ver condo is in the District 13 along 2 Meyappa Chettiar Road.

The Tre Ver Condo Location 9

The Tre Ver transportation

The Tre Ver Condo Location 10

The Tre Ver location near Potong Pasir MRT

 It is a property with 731 units in  medium sized buildings  with 18 stoies.

There are several benefits to this location like similar launches in the nearby area, schools and, above all, the station of MRT Potong Pasir.

The Tre Ver Condo Location 11

The Tre Ver near potong pasir mrt

The Tre Ver Condo Location 12

The Tre Ver bus going to Woodleigh MRT station

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