Cedar Primary School

by | May 22, 2022

Cedar Primary School

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Know about the Cedar Primary School, and its various Programs

The objective of Cedar primary school is to create a safe, positive environment in which all Cedarians can achieve their full potential. They cultivate minds by imparting knowledge, building competencies, and instilling dispositions that encourage students to enjoy learning and become lifelong learners. They will instill principles, develop attitudes, and instill confidence in every student, inspiring them to become responsible citizens and future leaders. The Cedar primary school will provide Cedarians with the tools to connect with their community and make a good impact.

School Programs

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Cedar primary school was one of the PAL pilot schools, and the school chose LEGO Education as one of its PAL electives. The students get tasked with creating artifacts to express their perceptions and answers to community challenges, so LEGO Education was chosen to enhance their aesthetic awareness and encourage creative thinking. It expanded to include the construction of Science Toys for kids in grades 3-5, who get tasked with creating toys based on scientific ideas.

Learning for Life Programme 

The school’s student leaders are known as upstanding leaders. They believe that all of their students can awaken and realize their leadership potential with the correct training. They hope to develop their students’ moral fiber by training them to be role models for others in both speech and action, not only as model students. Some of its leaders’ traits include;

  • Positive Role Models
  • Active Contributors
  • Creative Problem Solvers
  • Effective Communicators

Holistic Health Programme

The overall development of a kid has always placed a premium on health. The holistic health framework at Cedar Primary School focuses on how we grow the whole child to be health-conscious and knowledgeable about how to eat well, remain well, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Events Conducted

  • Sports & Health Carnival
  • Go for Hope, Health & Harmony
  • SwimSafer
  • Sports Exposure program
  • Character & Development Camp

Co-Curricular Activities

At Cedar Primary School, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are the component of the school day, fostering interests, developing abilities, and cultivating a love of learning. CCAs are also part of the comprehensive, well-rounded education we strive to provide for the kids. They also give a fantastic platform for character development and friendship growth, fostering Kind, Resilient, Responsible, and Creative students with Integrity as their foundation.

The following are the various CCAs

  • Sports and Outdoor Education CCAs 
  • Arts CCAs 
  • Inventiveness CCA
  • Uniformed Group CCAs
  • Literary, Drama, and Debate Club
  • Kindness Club

Student Appearance

  • The required uniform must get worn by students. It is completely forbidden to make changes to the uniforms or PE clothing.
  • Only house T-shirts and PE shorts are permitted to get worn during CCA, PE, and PAL classes.
  • When wearing the home T-shirt, it should get nicely tucked in.
  • No jewelry or personal ornamentation (bracelets, necklaces, wristbands, etc.) gets worn.
  • Should Keep Nails short and free of polish.
  • The makeup of any kind gets not permitted in the classroom.
  • Hair can’t be tinted, bleached, or dyed. Students having colored hair will have to dye it back to its original color.

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