Changkat Primary School

by | May 22, 2022

Changkat Primary School

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Changkat Primary School Various Distinctive Programs

In Singapore, there were 180 primary schools. Singapore has three levels of education: primary, secondary, and post-secondary. The only compulsory level for all citizens and inhabitants is primary education, which lasts six years. Changkat Primary School is one of Singapore’s primary schools to instill a love of learning and nurture all-around persons rooted in values.

About Changkat Primary School 

The school was first known as Changkat Changi Primary School because of its location, constructed on the crest of a small hill on Changi Road (the Malay word “changkat” means “little hill”).

The school was renamed Changkat Primary School after moving to its current location in 1988. The school gets slated for a PRIME upgrade in 2002. As a result, the school relocated to No. 7 Jalan Tiga Ratus and residence in the previous school building. Changkat Primary School relocated to Simei Street 3 in June 2004.

Distinctive Programs and services

SOAR@CKPS (Sports, Outdoor, Athletics, Recreation at Changkat Pr) is the school’s Learning For Life Programme, which provides rich learning opportunities and experiences to help children develop physically, mentally, and emotionally to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Teachers elicit student learning in values and life skills such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork by asking insightful questions. SOAR@CKP aims to provide students with a comprehensive sporting and outdoor experience while allowing those with an interest and aptitude to explore their passions. It gets accomplished through a structured Physical Education Program (P1-6), an Active Learning Program (P1-2), Modular Co-Curricular Activities (P3-6), and Co-Curricular Activities (P3-6) (P3-6).

Learning Fiesta is a week-long event on the school calendar during which several academic departments combine to create fun learning activities in a carnival-like setting. The use of technology enhances the pleasure factor. Children earn tokens to play at the gaming stations before the event by demonstrating positive character traits like accountability and empathy to their teachers.

The annual Social Enterprise Day (SED), in which graduating classes prepare and set up various games and handicraft stalls for their classmates, is another popular event among students (P1-5). SED provides a safe environment for risk-taking and the application of business strategies by enabling our students to show care and actively contribute to the community; training our students to be responsible; encouraging teamwork, innovation, and enterprise in our students; and providing a safe environment for risk-taking and the application of business strategies to our students. The proceeds from coupon sales go to a charity chosen by the student organizers. Club Rainbow and the Children’s Cancer Foundation are two previous charities.

Events Conducted

  • Teachers Day Celebration 
  • Upper Primary Inter Class Game 
  • Children’s Day Celebration
  • Hari Raya Celebration
  • International Sports Game Opening Ceremony 
  • Learning Fiesta Day
  • Lower Primary Inter Class Game
  • National Day Celebration
  • Buddy Programme
  • Meet The Parent

Co-curricular Activities

The school CCAs support a child’s overall development by fostering character, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility and giving a social integration opportunity. It also allows students to hone their abilities and talents in areas where they are interested.

The following are the various CCAs provided;


  • Art Club
  • Tech Club


  • Wushu
  • Track & Field 
  • Basketball


  • Choir
  • Dance – Modern
  • Guitar Ensemble

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