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by | May 22, 2022

Chongfu School

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Guide to Know About Chongfu School and its Curriculum

Chongfu is a high-performing school highly sought after by parents in Yishun, Singapore, and beyond. They have well-structured programs that integrate several subjects and give diverse learning pathways to grow and stretch our children in a dynamic educational landscape. PSLE outcomes have routinely outperformed the national average with high-quality passes. For the previous 20 years, 8 Chongfu School students have received the renowned Prime Minister’s Book Prize for high performance in the PSLE and bilingualism in Yishun.


Chongfu School, formerly known as Chong Hock Girls’ School, was founded on April 16, 1915, by Mr. Wang Huiyi, a Supervisor of Schools of the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuah. (SHHK). It was the only school for girls at the time, located on Telok Ayer Street’s Chongwen Ge, next to the Thian Hock Keng Temple. Only around 30 female students enrolled, and classes were taught in Hokkien by Madam Lin Suqin, the Principal.

School Mission

To prepare students for the future by developing them in five areas: moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetics.

Distinctive Programs and Services 

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) strives to offer pupils of various character development and life skills by including sports and outdoor education into the curriculum. Chongfu’s LLP has the Cap iNspire program, which uses a tiered and differentiated approach to allow kids from all six levels to participate in camp life while learning life skills and developing character in various situations.

Since 2007, Chongfu has been executing a school-based Bi-cultural Chinese Elective Programme (BiCEP) with the assistance of SHHK and in collaboration with four other affiliated elementary schools. A greater understanding of Chinese culture, history, and language nurtures a core group of effective bilinguals from P4 to P6. Students get exposed to Chinese opera, calligraphy, and oratory performances with the local camp and an overseas learning adventure for immersion, which get included in the program.

The TIE program and networking with international schools in China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia give P4 and P5 kids global awareness, cultural appreciation, and new views in studying in classrooms beyond the shores.

CFS sees a community of generous people who want to make a difference in the civic life of their communities, such as MINDS, Lion Befrienders, SWAMI Homes, and Food from the Heart. The school uses its VIA program to instill school ideals in students (GENEROUSLY) and have a good social effect.

As part of its attempts to improve the entire quality of the school experience, the school focuses a strong emphasis on boosting TSR, values education, and the student’s development of socio-emotional competencies.

Events Conducted

  • Games Booth
  • Camps
  • Career Booth
  • National Day Celebration
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Chingay
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Learning Journeys
  • NE Show
  • Art Exhibition

Chongfu School’s Parents Support Group

“Parents Assisting School Successfully and Investing in the Future of Nation” is the name of a parent support group in Chongfu. PASSION wants to strengthen its connection with the school by collaborating more and communicating more effectively to provide a favorable learning environment for students.

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