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There have been a lot of conversations involving Singapore’s property market, in fact this year it is expected to extend its recovery from a four-year slump.

After being in recession for more than 4 years, finally the market is showing a significant growth and a new shine at the same time as the economy and the industry are increasing which affects in the best way most of the residential projects that are still under development.

From January to March quarter, private residential property prices jumped up 3.9 per cent from the previous one, surging the most since 2010 and building on the previous quarter’s increasing  over 0.8 per cent , data from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) showed.

TRE VER Project Information

Project Name The Tre Ver
Location Potong Pasir Avenue 1
District 13
Development type Private Condominium
Land Area 18,711 sqm (approx)
Gross Plot Area 2:8
Developer UOL group and United Industrial Cooperation Limited
Tenure 99-year Leasehold
No. of Storeys 8,19,20 storeys
Total No. of Units 729
TOP date (expected) Q2 2021
Unit mix 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom
Car park lots TBA



Starting PSF


Expected TOP

Starting Price

Starting Size (sqft)


April was a great month for the developers, whom sold approximately 729 units, a little more than the 716 units sold in March, and the highest since November.

Analysts from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, OCBC and DBS have forecast a 5 per cent to 10 per cent recovery in domestic home prices this year.

With all of the local news talking about the strong showing of collective sales in the last few years that have been growing in the property business and often succeed in real estate transactions, The Tre Ver Condo will certainly catch your attention.

This project is at the point of being the only available for redevelopment in Potong Pasir neighbourhood.

Most of the sharp investors should already have noticed the many positive and attractive attributes of the Tre Ver like for example the central locale, along with the connectivity and unblocked views surrounding the residential site, granting a satisfying experience for the upcoming residents.

There are new ideas to propose, the ones marking a change on the way to look at the housing market for the most part are the ones steering towards an environmental and sustainable thought, and the connection between the buildings in the middle of green fields and tall trees, increasing your inner relationship with nature, along with family boundaries and social circles. Also check my review about The Tre Ver Review

The Tre Ver, truly blending the nature with the man-made, being built by the same developer of the Clement Canopy they share some resemblance, but the Tre Ver Shines on its own.

The Tre Ver Garden, similar to Clement Canopy’s it showcases tall trees surrounded by abundant short floor plants that look like a green carpet to welcome you into the building

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Reasons to invest in The Tre Ver | Why invest in The Tre Ver

The Tre Ver is being developed over the land at Potong Pasir; that means that the buildings are going to occupy the same plot of land that was once occupied by the Raintree Gardens. This is an incredible chance to invest as the area is well known and up for further development.

Having the future in mind, investing in this property is a really smart move, even more if you take into consideration the upcoming population. This land will soon be transformed into a private condo development as construction is already on its way to get big and real which will promote the development of the area.

One of the strongest reasons to invest in the Tre Ver is the people working in this dream project, some of which are regarded as the best architects of our time, best known for setting benchmarks through the creation of highly sustainable designs and whom have been appointed to capitalize on the riverfront.

They have won numerous local and international awards for their challenging and extensive work; the most notable award winning projects on recent years are the School of the Arts, the 5-Star Hotel Parkroyal on Pickering and the Oasia Hotel Downtown Singapore, among many others.

The new eco-friendly concept alone is very compelling investment wise, yet the developers have found their own way to look at the environment mixed in the city and it’s by portraying harmony around human beings.

The Tre Ver in Singapore is a beautiful idea inspired by the deep serene nature, featuring different types of sky gardens set atop lush greenery landscaping for the resident’s enjoyment.

We’re talking about serious innovative motifs, contemporary architecture embracing sustainable principles and urbanism for an amazing improvement in the quality of life with higher, but also profound, environment moving forward to see.

Everything is correlated with the architectural design in a way that creates harmony and incorporation of the natural ecosystem within the full residential area. This means a complete connection between human-created and nature-born as the fundamental basis to the work.

Number of units makes for a factor to take into account when investing too, as the most units are available, the most chances you have to purchase one either to rent or to live in.

There will be 729 units of households, spanning across 9 different blocks of residence inside a large plot of land. The Tre Ver condo is a project that will certainly present a unique living experience as it was bestowed with more than 200m of unblocked riverfront frontage onto the Kallang River.

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A Great Location for The Tre Ver

Being locations so important in the real estate market, The Tre Ver condos cannot fall behind in this regard; they add immaculate characteristics of an idealist nature-house-residence, with places near you, as well as a great variety of amenities, making it more desirable for everyone.

The Tre Ver is located in 137 Potong Pasir Ave 3, Singapur 350137 and it will overlook the Kallang River, improving the view from the units by a lot, and it is also not difficult to reach in terms of transport. Education, shopping and dining options are also available around the area.

Google Street View

The Tre Ver Location, showcasing everything that makes it great including amenities, transportation in general and the river

The Tre Ver Location Site, a huge plot of land will house the Tre Ver condos, which will, once constructed offer 2 amazing views, one to the river and the other to the city skyline.

The Tre Ver Location near Woodleigh MRT station, here you can see how close The Tre Ver is to transportation.

The Tre Ver location near Potong Pasir MRT station, again very close to transportation, it’s literally just a breeze getting there

The Tre Ver residences are close to Potong Pasir MRT and Woodleigh MRT, as well as the forthcoming developments at the Bidadari Estate, where there will be two community malls and a bus interchange. That is also the location of the Alkaff Lake that will sit in 10 hectares of peaceful and scenic parkland.

The Tre Ver Walking Distance to Potong Pasir MRT, you only need to walk 11 minutes in order to get to the nearest MRT stations which allows you to move through the whole country

The Tre Ver Transportation, bus stops, MRT stations, expressways, The Tre Ver has every ean of transportation within walking distance, making it easier for you to move around whether you move by car or not.

The Tre Ver near Potong Pasir MRT, convenience for transportation is one of the specialities of the Tre Ver condo.

The Tre Ver near Woodleigh MRT station, another MRT station near the Tre Ver Residences. Transportation was never easier for the residents of a condo

Parks are one of the main advantages of The Tre Ver Location, having Kallang Park Connector nearby, which enables the option of having full alternate recreation activities for the whole family.

It certainly is as exciting as it can be, as the paths connecting the parks will lead you to another area of the island you most likely haven’t visited. Places as the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, travelling up north and the Kallang Riverside Park.

Regarding the educational planning there’s always a school close to home, like the famous Saint Andrew’s which offers holistic education at every level, from primary, to junior college level, fitting right in the neighbourhood being located just a few steps away from The Tre Ver.

Cedar Primary, Pei Chun Public, St. Andrew’s Secondary, Cedar Girls’ Secondary, Bendemeer Secondary and Maris Stella High School are some of the other options to consider in case you have children already on their teen ages.

The Tre Ver near Yangzheng Primary Schools, one of the top primary schools from this area, which provides great education for your children

The Tre Ver near St. Andrew’s Junior School, if your son or daughter isn’t in primary or secondary school anymore, this is a great option to provide top education for them

The Tre Ver near Pei Chun Public School, in Singapore education is a great deal, so even public schools offer top level education when you compare them to other countries

The Tre Ver Near Maris Stella High school, another great option education wise, this time perfect for those who have children in their teen ages and are looking for quality education

The Tre Ver near Kuo Chuan Presbiterian Primary School, another great primary school for your kids when you decide to move to the Tre Ver

The Tre Ver near The First Toa Payoh Primary School, we said there were many schools nearby and all of them are great, First Toa Payoh is not an exception to this rule.

The Tre Ver near St. Gabriel’s Primary School, another primary school to add to the repertoire, again offering great quality of education

The Tre Ver location near Khen Cheng School, there are literally schools for everyone nearby the Tre Ver, Kheng Cheng being one of them also offer great education.

The Tre Ver location near Guangyang Primary School, another great quality school where the children of the residents of the Tre Ver can study

The Tre Ver location near Cedar Primary School, it is not the closest school, but is still an option if you like the way they teach in here

The Tre Ver offers incredible convenience when we talk about transport; Potong Pasir and Woodleigh MRT‘s, both on the North East Line, are just over a ten-minute walk from The Tre Ver condo. Serangoon is one stop from Woodleigh, which means that a bus interchange is also on the Circle Line.

The Tre Ver bus going to Woodleigh MRT, if you don’t want to walk to the MRT station, you can just take the bus there and save some time

The Tre Ver Driving Distance to PIE, only 4 minutes is what you need from the Tre Ver to PIE, that’s not even enough time to brew a coffee

The Tre Ver Driving Distance to CTE, only 5 minutes, you can wake up as late as you want and you’ll never be late if you need to drive via CTE to your workplace.

The CTE and PIE are both very close to the development, giving it a quick and easy access to all areas of the island, and the 142 bus route, stops just one minute from the site entrance.

The Tre Ver Unit Mix

Type Area (sqft) Total Units
1-Bedroom (484 – 506 sqft) Tower Blk 495 66
Tower Blk 495 36
Tower Blk 506 49
Garden Blk 484 8
2-Bedroom (614 – 797 sqft) Tower Blk 614 32
Tower Blk 624 32
Tower Blk 635 30
Tower Blk 689 36
Tower Blk 700 115
Tower Blk 732 81
Tower Blk 732 82
Garden Blk 635 15
Garden Blk 797 8
2-Bedroom (614 – 797 sqft) Tower Blk 990 36
Tower Blk 1087 36
Tower Blk 1087 36
Tower Blk 1087 34
Garden Blk 1055 10
Garden Blk 1098 10
4-Bedroom (1324 – 1367 sqft) Tower Blk 1367 17
Garden Blk 1324 10
Total 729

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Condos That Are Near To Popular Schools

This PDF is especially useful for people with children and students as it will allow them to find incredible Condo’s located less than 1km from the top schools in Singapore.

This PDF will essentially provide you with a list of the most reliable Condos located near one or several good schools along with organized information. This information will go from location to transportation, which are the main things one looks for when looking for a Condo near a good school.

The Tre Ver and Its Array of Amenities

Nowadays it’s pretty much a priority to take good care of every little detail you and your family might need, therefore, besides the new amenities under construction that are located as near as possible in the same district, there still a lot of other places to choose from in order to satisfy such needs.

In the future, which is closer than you think, no one will even need to take a bus or go to a train station in order to obtain what they need, if they are residents of the Tre Ver as the amenities nearby will satisfy every need, eliminating the need to go too far.

Regarding the upcoming commercial space surrounding the Tre Ver, we have The Poiz Centre, as well as The Woodleigh Mall from nearby Bidadari, for shopping and hanging around and spending time with friends enjoying the malls’ features.

The Clementi Town Centre also offers a variety of restaurants and dinners as well as all forms of entertainment and amenities. Residents of the Clement Canopy will also have access to the mega shopping malls such as GEM, Westgate and IMM and upcoming High Speed Railway and Jurong Lakeside village.

The Potong Pasir MRT is right next to the mall, where residents are able to take a train to the upcoming Woodleigh Shopping Mall, which is a mixed-used development with a bus interchange going to the upcoming Bidadari housing cluster.

Only 2-MRT stop will get you to the Serangoon MRT interchange where NeX shopping mall is located.

For Residents who drive cars, they can get on the nearest Pan Island Expressway which is connected to all major expressways; Central Expressway (CTE) and Kallang-Pan Island Expressway (KPE). Getting to town is incredibly easy and you can even get to the Orchard Shopping Belt or the Marina Bay Financial Centre in 15 minutes driving your car.

The Tre Ver near Poiz Centre, one of the biggest upcoming malls, it will certainly make the area around it grown impressively, making the Tre Ver an even more desirable option for investors

The Tre Ver near NEX shopping mall, one of the biggest and more iconic malls in Singapore, perfect for shopping or enjoying a meal with your friends

The Tre Ver near New Eastern Kim Tee, a great option for when you don’t want to eat a home, Kim Tee offers an incredible variety of food, providing great quality in every plate the serve

The Tre Ver near Market Square, perfect for shopping, in this market you can find about anything and you’ll have a great time just walking around

The Tre Ver near Growless Craft Beer Bistro, whether you want a cold beer with your friends or just enjoy a meal outside home, this restaurant offers great quality in both of those fields

The Tre Ver near FairPrice Shop Circuit Blk 77, Fair Price is the go to option when you need to get groceries, having it so close certainly makes that chore more manageable and easier to complete

The Tre Ver near Cold Storage Thomson Road, an incredible option if you need fresh food, the quality is amazing and the convenience for having it close is irreplaceable

The Tre Ver Near City Square Mall, one of the most beautiful mall, you can just literally just go enjoy it from the outside, but going inside is going to be a lot of fun

The Tre Ver location near Albert Centre, a place where you can find any and every ingredient, this is the perfect place to buy your spices for when you cook at home

Condos That Are Near to MRT Stations

Transportation is a big issue when looking for a Condo in Singapore as it is one of the most important aspects people take into consideration.

Downloading this PDF will allow you to get a detailed list of the best condos located at walking distance from MRT stations, this will help you save time both when searching for a condo and when you live in it.

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The floor plans are there in every project in development for you to see the exact design and the way every single aspect might influence the atmosphere created for the house, and it also helps you be aware of your needs and intentions towards the development, when it comes to space, proportions, etc

Sometimes, the idea of a floor plan can seem rather unfamiliar with all the strange little symbols everywhere you go, mostly unknown around the buyers, with some exceptions of course.

Limited knowledge does not take away the opportunity for you to be able to count the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, with the knowledge of the basic stuff, a buyer can be able to know a lot more.

The Tre Ver Floor Plans are certainly easy to read and I’ll demonstrate that below.

Doors: If you’re looking for a better, wider view of the way the entire unit is laid you have to search and find the main door, which is shown by a symbol of a quarter-circle.

They also allow people to identify if the rooms are going to be connected, for example; if a bathroom door opens in a bedroom, it means you have an attached bathroom.

Another thing you need to look for and pay attention to is the arc of the door as it indicates in which direction the door swings.

Windows: Windows that slide are shown by a thin hollow line in the walls; however, the casement windows are indicated with a symbol similar to doors but drawn in pairs.

Walls: Structural walls are drawn in the floor design with bold lines while the non-structural ones are marked by thin lines.

It’s more common for the walls that wrap around the whole unit to be structural; this is done in case that the owner makes the decision to remove a wall in order to create an open-concept space.

Floor layout: It is important to know how each area is laid out; this is where the aesthetic direction of the developers and architects shows up, and where diverse subjective perspectives get in touch.

So since it is a subjective matter, this is what you need to do in order to know if the unit is fit for you: Imagine standing at the main door and looking at the unit. Do you like the layout? Does it fit your lifestyle? What if it doesn’t?  Ask the questions one at a time and answer yourself honestly.

Size: Some of the floor plans have small numbers on the side which tells you the accurate dimension if the unit in millimetres allowing you and your family to get an estimated size for each room.

Shape: Some Floor Plans also indicate the shape of each room. The one with boxy shape is the preferred one as it’s the most versatile type of space.

PES: PES or private enclosed Space is a private outdoor area of the unit. Its size might vary, it can be as small as a ledge that can only fit a potted plant or as large as to comfortably host a dinner party.

Maid’s Room: Larger units often have a Maid’s room. It is located near the kitchen with a small bathroom. Families with a live-in help can check for this in a floor plan while buying.

Cupboards: Floor plans help you find out if there is a build in or walk in cupboard in the unit.

Comprehensive List of Penthouse in Singapore

Downloading this PDF will allow you to get the best deals in the most luxurious and extravagant penthouses in Singapore.

The penthouses featured in this PDF are certainly the best, but that doesn’t mean they are the most expensive. With this PDF you will find out which penthouses are really priced at their value. It will help you save time when looking around for penthouses.

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The Tre Ver is a very ambitious project being built by two renowned developers known as UOL and UIC.

UOL on itself has received a high amount of international awards accompanied with compliments for their great developments.

Some of their extensive portfolio in the whole Singapore, especially the central region are namely; Regency Suites, Newton Suites, One-North, Nassim Park Residences, One Amber, Southbank, Katong Regency and Principal Garden which has been fully sold out.

UIC also has an extensive portfolio with a joint venture with UOL, which has been under the public eye, but has also earned numerous important awards; V on Shenton, Mon Jervois, Alex Residences, Pollen & Bleu, Archipelago, Thomson Three and The Clement Canopy are just some of the awarded properties.

That being said, along with its outstanding track records from older projects, both of them are running perfectly, the developers are sure to give The Tre Ver residents quality units and furniture with a timeless contemporary design.

The name of this development is surrounded around living in nature amidst the trees and along the river, that’s why it’s called the Tree riVer.

Crafted on this huge plot of land the developers could potentially build up to 9 beautiful blocks of units.

The units will get to enjoy the beautiful sight of the Kallang River or an unblocked view of the city skyline.

Residents surely are going to be amazed by an array of facilities with the basic ones being a 50m lap pool, an indoor gym, playground, BBQ Pits, and a 24-hour security concierge.

Easy Payment Schedule Of The Tre Ver

Payment schedule for The Tre Ver is as follows:

Booking the property & Signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement 

Afrer booking

you will have to pay a 5%booking fee (Cash/ Cheque) and the Option to Purchase (OTP) will be granted.

The “Developer” will then mail the Sale and Purchase (S&P) Agreement to your banker’s solicitor or to you.

3 weeks

After receiving the S&P you will have to check the date in it as you will be given only 3 weeks from that date to proceed with the S&P.

Within 8 weeks

from the day the option money is paid, you will have to pay the remaining 15%.

You can use your CPF to pay for this and any remaining shortfall will be paid for by Cash.

It is very important that you understand and write down this schedule especially if your CPF does not have enough to cover the amount needed to prepare the necessary Cash if it’s necessary to pay a shortfall

Sales Completion Date 

Also you should remember that this amount will depend on your LTV (Loan To Value), e.g. if your LTV is 70% then the balance amount to be paid is 25%, 15% to be paid on exercising day, balance 10% will be paid by progressive stages

(Example foundation work completed).

Stamp Duty (3% less $5,400, Cash/CPF outlay) | Additional Stamp Duty (% of the Purchase Price)

Stamp Duty

Within 14 days of signing the S&P agreement (or within 30 days if the agreement is signed overseas), you will have to pay the Stamp Duty (3%) / Additional Stamp Duty (5% – 15%) (Cash/CPF outlay) to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).

Progress Payments using Housing Loan

From this point onwards, you can start using funds from your housing loan, which can be up to 80% of the purchase price.

The tenure of the loan can be up to 30 years, depending on your age. You will have to make payments as follows:

  • 10% upon completion of foundation work (Estimated 6-9 months later from work commencement)
  • 10% upon completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit (Estimated 6-9 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of brick walls of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of roofing and ceiling of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of electrical wiring (without fittings), internal plastering, plumbing and installation of doors and window frames of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of completion of car park, roads and drains serving the housing project (To be advised)
  • 25% upon receiving Notice of Vacant Possession and Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), and the last 15% upon Completion Date, when you receive your CSC (To be advised).

The Clement Canopy will certainly be one of the most beautifully designed properties in Singapore, featuring incredible looks and environmentally friendly functionality as well as an advantageous location and proximity to transport.

On top of that we can add the caliber of its developers UOL and SingLand which will certainly make sure that the property is as high end as it needs to be to have a place inside their impressive portfolios.

When Clement Canopy is finished it will most likely be a candidate to win an award for design and sustainability as well as for having zero negative impact in its constructions zone, which in turn will increase its market value and help smart investors secure their profit.

There’s no specific price at this moment for the Tre Ver, as the project is still on its first steps, Once the Tre Ver TOP date arrives, we will have more clarity on this subject.

Nevertheless, to try to determine the price of a new launch as ambitious as The Tre Ver, you need to breakdown the property in several parts. Check The Tre Ver pricing

If you divide it into different fragments you will be able to study costs and investments for individual parts of the property.

It is well known that the most expensive component will always be the land, as the demand for it is incredibly high and it’s the only component you cannot substitute, the cost of construction is the second most expensive process as workers need to be paid, later on, adding the administrative cost, sales and marketing expenses, finance costs, the margin of profit and everything else will serve as a response providing the exact selling price.

An estimated price for the Tre Ver was calculated and is around $1491 pfs, meaning that the price increases based on the area of the unit as it should be.

This price fits well with the prices of other Condos sold around the area ranging from $1300 to $1500 psf, The Tre Ver Condo being so luxurious certainly deserves to be on the higher end of the spectrum.

You can’t have the Tre Ver for rent yet as its launch date has not arrived and we currently have no info on what the real prices will be. Once The Tre Ver is for sale, more information will appear making it easier to take the decision when placing the prices.

Much more information can be obtained if you attend the Tre Ver showroom and showflat, as well as if you take a look at the Tre Ver virtual tour in order to get a feel of what’s going to be like being inside this incredible development.

The Tre Ver Gallery

The Tre Ver, truly blending the nature with the man-made, being built by the same developer of the Clement Canopy they share some resemblance, but the Tre Ver Shines on its own.

The Tree Ver signage, representing the name and explaining why it’s called The Tre Ver, it is because it represents the home for the trees and rivers.

The Tre Ver Location near Kallang River, one of the beautiful views the Tre Ver has to offer, certainly hard to top and greatly valued.

The Tre Ver Garden, similar to Clement Canopy’s it showcases tall trees surrounded by abundant short floor plants that look like a green carpet to welcome you into the building

The Tre Ver Entrance, impressive to the eyes with its hanging gardens, certainly will leave a mark in the minds of the people that see it

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