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Tre Ver Review

Is it a good buy or bad buy?

Market View

The launch of Tre Ver by the UOL is thought to be able to put them in the black despite the government’s cooling off measures.

According to the reports, they sold 140 out of 200, which is over 70% ofbwhat they released in their first phase of the launch.

The buyers were mostly first-time home owners who, in general, are the least hit by additional taxation from July.

What seems to have boosted the sales is the discount that the developer provided for the customers.

UOL states that they are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the phase one because it was stronger than the first phase of any of their previous projects such as Thomson Three, Principal Garden and Botanique at Barley.

UOL also boasts success through the fact that their revenue jumped from $399, 09 million from the last year to $635,45 million.

To put this into percentages, this is a surge of 59%, and looking simply at the Q2, the profits increased by 21% YoY.

Additional help to their rising profits seems to be the office rents and hotel revenue per available room.

Some of their upcoming projects are Nanak Mansion and Silat Avenue that are predicted for 2012, and all jn all it seems that they are continuing the bright predictions for Singaporean real-estate market this year.

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Basic Information on the Project

The project is developed thanks to a joint venture of UOL Group and United Industrial Corporation.

Although there was a huge competition to win this land, UOL’s bid of $334,2 million, beating the top three interested developers by just 1%.

They have 99-year leasehold type of tenure.

The site plan has 201,405 sq ft.

The unit mix comprises everything from one to 4-bedroom rooms that have their standard and premium versions.

The size of the rooms starts at 484 sq ft and the largest one is 1,378 sq ft.

TOP date is estimated for the year of 2022.






April 2021

Site Area

approx. 201,405 sq ft.

No. of Units



UVD (Projects) Pte. Ltd (JV of UOL Group Ltd and United Industrial Corporation Ltd)

Project Location

Potong Pasir Avenue 1 is the address of the Tre Ver project, a location that is desirable because of its closeness to three major expressways.


Wider perspective shows us that these expressways give Tre Ver the variety in terms of outreach to other parts of Singapore.


The concentration of these crucial transportation nodes means that the area is highly developed in the sense that it is livable and seeked for for the amount of opportunities it gives.

The Tre Ver Google Map Location

The Tre Ver Google Street View

First highway we have to mention isbthe Central Expressway (CTE).

It takes just five minutes to get on this expressway.

Once you exit the Potong Pasir Avenue, you’ll be in the Upper Serangoon road which is your direct to the CTE.

PIE is reachable in even less time – maximum of four minutes.

You can get on it using two options: the Upper Serangoon Road or the Potong Pasir Avenue 3.

Upper Serangoon Road, CT, Braddel and PIE are the boarders of Tre Ver’s neighborhood.

The property itself is situated in the centre of this neighborhood, being a bit closer to the CTE on the left side than the Upper Serangoon Road which is to the right.

The Braddell Road and PIE are at the top and bottom of the neighborhood and their border length is much dhorter than the previosu two.

Positions of MRT’s

When we think of the street where the street where The Tre Ver is situated, guessing what the nearest MRT is not that difficult.

It is Potong Pasir MRT, a train station that is at the North-East Line.

When you start walking via Potong Pasir Avenue 1 and make just a small step into the Upper Serangoon Road, you will already be there.

An MRT only eleven minute walk away from your home is definitely something to put on the pros list when you are considering the reasons to invest into a Tre Ver Condo.

Woodleigh MRT is another closby MRT that will facilitate your commuting.

It is only twenty minutes away by bus which you can catch if you walk around six hundred meters to the After Woodleigh Park bust stop.

Distance to the Raffles Place

When you say business in Singapore you will usually think of Raffles Place, and therefore it is strategically very important that you are well connected to it.

Luckily, by car you will reach this destination in fifteen minutes, mostly via the Central Expressway.

When it comes to public transportation, you can use the North East Line from Harbour Front to Clarque Quay.

The selling points about development

Educational institutions

On the photo above we can see the map of schools around Tre Ver Condo.

It can already be concluded that there are a lot of schools nearby, twelve in total .

Two schools are located in less than one kilometer away from the development while the rest are in a two-kilometer diameter.

Guangyang Primary School dates back to February of 1918 when a group of Chibese enthusiasts established it wuth Chinese as the primary language.

A ten minute drive-away or 4.6  kilometers will stand between you and this school.

By bus, around forty minutes is needed to reach the school.

Blk 103 stop should be the starting point and after ten stops you should get off the bus at the Raffles Institute stop from which you have additional ten minutes of walking before you come to the school.

Kheng Cheng School shares knowledge with children since 1927 when it was established by Madam Lin Peng Tuan and Mr Lao Cheo Teng.

Your child can use the bus 232, 238 or the combination of busses 73 and 159 to getvto the school in around thirty minutes.

If it is on your way to work, you can drop them off at the school’s grounds in nine minutes.

St. Gabriel’s School is a Catholic institution that started educating children in 1958.

Seven minutes are enough to pass by car the 2.9 kilometers that stand between Tre Ver and the school.

Public transport is also an option to utilize, and for that you’ll need the North East Line.

First Toa Payoh School is the first secondary school in this area founded in 1968.

Bus 238 will take students from Tre Ver to this school in only twenty minutes and by car it will take you only seven minutes if you take the direction via the Upper Serangoon Street.

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primery School is located in Bishan and has been invested into giving children flawless education since 1924.

Unfortunately l, you can’t go tobthere by any means of public transport, but by car, yoi can get there in just eleven minutes by passing the Upper Serangoon and the Braddell Road.

Maris Stella is an autonomous, Catholic all-boys primary school that is also a part of the eleven Slecial Assistance Plan high schools in Singapre.

You can be here in just six minutes by car and by bus it will take around thirty minutes if you go by the North East Line.

Pei Chun Public School has The Singapore Way  as a theme for this year.

This means they are trying to nurture the Singaporean identity in them while simultaneously teaching them respect forbthe national diversity that is also a part of what this country is.

The school is the closest of all in terms of walking distance and it takes only thirteen minutes.

St Andrew’s Junior School is where your children will get everything they need to know at one place, including elementary, secondary and pre-college education.

This is the second school in Tre Ver’s surroundings you can reach on foot in less than ten minutes, making it extremely convenient when you specifically wish your kid’s school to be in the proximity and that it won’t have to go through a stressful process of changing environments at different stages of education. 

Yangzheng Primary School has a lengthy history that started in 1905.

By car, you have to take the Potong Pasir Avenue and teh Serangoon Avenue 3 streets in order to get there in only eight minutes.

There is also a possibility that you get there by bus.

It will take you thirty minutes and you will need to catch the bus from the Blk 103 stop.

Shopping Places

Albert Centre is in the Queen Street and exemplifies what diversity of people can mean.

This diversity is reflected through the variety of cheap and top-class food that can be purchased there.

It is also located in an area where you can find Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, Sri Krisnan Temple and many Christian churches which explains a lot where the food variety comes form.

Kallang houses the City Square Mall, well known not only for the shops with different specialisations but also for the efforts to be eco-friendly.

This mall is definitely a worthy asset for a quality – life and is only nine minutes away by car and around twenty minutes away by busses 147 and 133.

The Cold Storage store is along the Thomson Road and here you’ll can be one hundred per cent convinced that you are buying the freshest ingredients for you and your family.

Fair Price is the name of a chain of super markets that is well known to Singaporeans for the variability of products and reasonable prices.

Market Square is an interesting spot if you want to try out shopping during night.

Nex is the biggest shopping mall in the North-East region that opened its doors to the buyers in 2010.

By car it is seven minutes away from Tre Ver, and if you take the North East Line you will reach this shopping giant in only seventeen minutes.

The Poiz Centre is an amalgamation of residential ans and retail units where you can also revel in shopping.


Growlers Craft Beer & Bistro offers a wide array of sparkling beers and different foods, among which beer battered fish and chips seems to be the mkst popular delicacy.

New Eastern Kim Tee is a restaurant that has been resilient since seventies and when you want to try out unique tastes this is the first place you should visit.

Mr. Teo Kim Tee is the manager behind the restaurant that patented his unique Bak Kwa Taste.

On the picture above, we can see which sort of public transportation is coloseby.


Let’s see now how Tre Ver compares to the other closeby projects price-wise.

Here are some of the closest developments and their average psf price, and we arranged them from the cheapest to the most expensive.

  • The Jovell, $671 psf
  • Jade Scape, $1,208psf
  • Nin Residences, $ 1,246
  • THE TRE VER $1,335 psf
  • Jui Residences, $1541psf

Tre Ver, as wee see, is just below the top of the list.

Firstly, we have to take into account the bidding price.

Due to cut throat competition to get the hold of the property, the bidding price (which is majorly responsible for the final average psf price) had to be on the higher sides.

Of course, there are the construction, administrative and advertising costs included.

Two major shopping malls are also close-by, as well as a lot of eminent schools, all adding to the quality of the development as well as to the price.

Even the closeness to the Kallang river has to be considered as it adds tk the exclusivity of the property.


We wil preface the our final ranking by showing to you some of the Tre Vor photos so that you directly see what is being discussed.

This is the breath-taking entrance to the Tre Ver, already announcing its luxury with the abundance of plants. 

The Tre Ver garden that will be your haven to which you can escape and disappear when you you need yoir own peace.

The Tre Ver has maybe the best what nature can give at its disposal, which can be seen at the picture above where we notice the rich outside world of this property.

  • Pricing – 85%

The reason is simple – The Tre Ver developer went to the furthest limits to making the condos affordable despite the high demand to have this property that would normally dictate quite a high price.

  • Location – 90%

Tre Ver location has two key factors going for its location :vicinity to schools and MRT’s.

Once you know that, there is no doubt about that it should get high marks.

We would like, however, that that is is better connected to schools via public transport in the sense that kids don’t need averagely half and hour to get there.

  • Quality -80%

Finally, we have to say a few words about the developer.

Their results from this year that we mentioned in the beginning speak for themselves.

UOL is trustworthy not just based on Tre Ver prpject but many other projects that they have done such as Fernvale, Amber and The Clement Canopy.

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