United Engineers Limited

by | May 10, 2022

United Engineers Limited

United Engineers Limited

United Engineers Limited (“UEL” or the “Company,” and its group of subsidiaries, the “Group”), which was founded in 1912, is one of Singapore’s pioneering firms that played a key part in the country’s physical and economic change. The Group has grown into a dynamic organization with core commercial interests in Property Rental and Hospitality, Property Development, Engineering and Distribution, as well as Manufacturing today, based on its early engineering origins.

Orchardgateway, UE BizHub CITY (previously known as UE Square), UE BizHub EAST, and the mixed-use development at one-north, which includes The Rochester, Rochester Mall, and Park Avenue Rochester, are just a few of the Group’s landmark structures that define the Singapore landscape. It also maintains the Park Avenue brand of hotels, serviced apartments, serviced offices, and a conference center, as well as owning a portfolio of retail malls that includes Rochester Mall, The Seletar Mall, and UE Square Shopping Mall.

The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce named the Group the 11th oldest firm, and the Singapore National Heritage Board designated its main building, UE BizHub CITY, as a historic landmark in 2002. The Group was given the Singapore Golden Jubilee Business Award by the Singapore Business Federation, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, and DP Information Group in appreciation of its decades of contribution to Singapore’s growth.

Unparalleled abilities

Anticipate, meet, and exceed our clients’ demands by offering first-class solutions on a constant basis.

Synergies that are unique

Teamwork allows you to share information, capitalize on group strengths, gain insights, and realize synergies.

Defending principles

Do the right thing, treating everyone we come into contact with fairly and respectfully.

a pioneering spirit

Be on the lookout for possibilities, take calculated risks, and profit from shifting markets.

Embracing inventiveness

Find better, more imaginative ideas, think beyond the box, and be willing to try new things.

Adding value to your life

Through our goods and services, we strive to enhance people’s quality of life.


For the broadcasting and multimedia industries, as well as communications and information technologies, security and surveillance.


The property business of United Engineers Limited, which is part of the Group, is known for its comprehensive property capabilities, which include property development, rental and services, and hospitality.

The division’s varied property development portfolio, which includes residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and build-to-suit (BTS) developments in Singapore, has a strong track record and continues to grow beyond Malaysia and China.

The division’s property rental and services segment, which is backed by a team of specialists, has a significant competitive edge because to its extensive expertise in project management and property management for shopping malls, office buildings, and mixed-use complexes.

In the hospitality industry, a strategic blend of creativity and cutting-edge technology in the administration of hotels, serviced apartments, serviced offices, and a conference center allows for the continuing supply of the finest service to customers.

Property in China

Mr. Tang I-Fang, the former Chairman of the WBL Delegation, led a joint study group of the United Nations and the World Bank to Liaoning Province in Northeast China in 1990 to look into investment potential. At the time, the majority of Shenyang residents rode bicycles and lived in congested apartments. Mr Tang I-Fang, a foresightful thinker, saw the need and necessity for high-quality homes. As a result, WBL Group became the first Singapore firm to enter Shenyang to address the overpopulation problem, and Huaxin International was founded.

Huaxin International was one of the first foreign-owned developers to join the Chinese market around the turn of the century, bringing a contemporary urban architectural idea to the country. The corporation oversaw the construction and management of residential, commercial, and urban complexes, got a greater understanding of the city’s worth, and engaged in urbanisation with its distinctive vision and worldwide views.

The first stop was Shenyang, which was part of Huaxin International’s goal to expand into other regions of the Chinese market. Shenyang has successfully developed a number of high-end development projects, including Riverside Garden, the first foreign-owned luxury residential project in the city; Huaxin International Plaza, a modern 5A smart office building; Wulihe Plaza, serviced apartments; and Orchard Manor, luxury villas.

Huaxin International expanded its influence in the real estate industry to the East and Southwest of China after attaining amazing success in Shenyang. There were more than 10 high-quality residential development projects constructed, including the Orchard Garden and Orchard Manor series, as well as Shanghai Olympic Garden and Suzhou Horizon Resort. Huaxin International has a strong presence in China’s real estate sector, particularly in Shanghai, Shenyang, Suzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing. Its development initiatives are well-known and have received several accolades.


Precision engineering and electronics manufacturing are among the services provided by the Group’s manufacturing business. Its precision engineering division specializes in aluminum die-casting and precision machining for the automotive and electronics industries, while its components division offers turnkey manufacturing and supply chain solutions to global customers in the automotive, computer, consumer, and electronics industries.

We now have two factories in Shenyang, China, and one in the United Kingdom.

WPSY Ltd is a company based in the United Kingdom.

WPSY Ltd, based in Shenyang’s Tiexi District, is a high-volume, integrated, one-stop aluminum die-cast and precision parts manufacturer with value-add engineering, tool design, high quality assurance standards, and excellent procurement processes that primarily serves the automobile sector. WPSY Ltd has established a strong brand value in recent years, owing to its appealing product offers and technical expertise. It has IATF 16949 certification for the automotive sector and AS9100 certification for aerospace product manufacture, allowing it to expand its product portfolio even further. WPSY Ltd has received several trade and supplier accolades for exceptional technology, quality, and logistics, including the Bosch Preferred Supplier, Delphi Technology, and United Automotive Electronic Systems Supplier Awards.

WCSY Limited is a company based in the United Kingdom.

WCSY Ltd, based in Shenyang’s Hunnan District, specializes in plastic injection molding, coil winding, and contract assembly for the electronic object surveillance business. WCSY Ltd offers a wide range of overmolding capabilities, making it ideally suited to the automotive and discrete component production industries. It has IATF 16949, ISO 14001:2015, and BS OHSAS 18001 certifications, as well as the Liaoning province government’s Integrity Model Enterprise award. WCSY Ltd’s commitment in Lean Manufacturing and process automation projects has resulted in cost-effective and high-quality goods and services. It has made tremendous headway in acquiring clients from the automobile sector since broadening its product offering.

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