Upper Changi MRT

by | Jun 10, 2022

Upper Changi MRT

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Things To Know About  Upper Changi MRT

Upper Changi MRT station is an underground MRT station on Singapore’s Downtown Line, located beneath Upper Changi Road East in the Tampines development area. The Upper Changi MRT serves nearby residential areas Singapore University of Technology and Design campus is connected underground linkway. At 205 metres, the station with Fort Canning is one of the longest on the route.

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The station’s construction began in October 2011. A Shell gas station was acquired and razed during the building, and the road Upper Changi Road East had reconfigured. Somapah was the working name, named after the neighbouring Somapah Road. In August 2011, Samsung C&T Corporation was awarded Contract 923 for the design and construction of Upper Changi Station and 892.1-metre (2,927 ft) crossover tunnels connecting Upper Changi to Expo stations for a total of S$256.98 million. Another contract, worth S$91.13 million, was granted to Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd to design and construct tunnels linking Tampines East and Upper Changi stations.

upper changi mrt platform

Downtown Line (B4) Platforms:

Upper Changi station features two platforms in an island platform configuration, with trains running in both directions using both platforms. The air-conditioned station is isolated from the subterranean environment by full-height Platform screen doors, which improve commuter safety and station comfort. Expected train arrival times and messages displayed on Passenger Information Systems are plasma display panels positioned at each platform. Tactile flooring aids the sight-impaired in getting from the platform to the station exits.

upper changi mrt concourse


The concourse has faregates for automatic fee collection and access between the station’s paid and unpaid sectors, with at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs, those carrying heavy objects, or those travelling with prams. Commuters can buy tickets for single or multiple travels from General Ticketing Machines, which Top-up Machines accept contactless card transactions. During operational hours the station office serves as a Passenger Service Centre, where commuters can inquire about travel options.

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Shelter for Civil Defense

Upper Changi station is one of eight Civil Defence (CD) shelters along the Downtown Line 3 that will activate in the event of a national emergency. The stations are constructed and supplied with facilities to guarantee that the shelter environment is comfortable for all shelters during their stay. Protective blast doors, decontamination facilities, ventilation systems, power and water supply systems, and a dry toilet system are among the features available.

upper changi mrt bike park

“I Am Anonymous” by Boo Jun Feng, art in transit.

‘I Am Anonymous’ is a collection of prints and words gathered in 2013 from 269 Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) students who would be embarking on occupations, lives, and the pursuit of their aspirations after graduation. They were asked to complete the statement “I am __________,” and the responses express aspirations, reflections, and worries with which they identify. Despite being written in their hand and bearing their fingerprints, their revelations remain unidentified. The artist presents a public admission of the truths of adolescence verge of adulthood and the prospect of spectators responding to these feelings as they walk through the gate.

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