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Guide to know about the West Coast Park Adventure Playground

West Coast Park, often known as the “Play Centre in the West,” is an essential regional park in Singapore’s southwest. The park is a linear park that runs next to the West Coast Highway and is 50 hectares in size. The Adventure Play Area is centrally positioned in Area 3 and welcomes visitors of all ages, from toddlers to young adults. It is West Coast Park Adventure Playground’s busiest and most busy zone. The eastern portion of Area 1 would be a nice place to rest and unwind if you prefer a quiet and serene environment. The park’s western half becomes a haven for people looking for a challenging and risky activities.

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Things to do:

Kite Flying :

West Coast Park Adventure Playground is a popular destination for kite flyers. Bring your kite and head to the Grand Lawn, a 3-hectare open place where you may fly your kite!

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Look for terrapins and herons:

The Marshland Boardwalk, a beautiful green oasis with a small lake and a wooden path winding through, is a great place to see terrapins and herons. While not the largest, it resembles a MacRitchie scene where you can relax in the shade of the trees. Birds like the White-breasted Waterhen, Striated Heron, and Hornbills get reported to be more active around daybreak.

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Bring your dog to this free public dog park for a run:

The West Coast Park Dog Run is one of Singapore’s largest for rambunctious dogs in need of exercise. It’s a big spot for your shy dog to explore without being disturbed by large packs of dogs because of few people in its presence.

At a waterfront Italian restaurant, enjoy pizza with a view:

Nothing beats spicing up a meal with a great view, so head to the waterfront La Pizzeria, where guests get treated to a breathtaking view of the pier. Many people mistake this modest pizza within the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club for a members-only place, but it is open to the public!

At a massive sand-covered playground, ride a flying fox:

Flying foxes are a great flashback to our childhood, as they were formerly one of the most popular attractions at outdoor playgrounds. The Adventure Playground has four zip line lanes, allowing kids and adults to ride to their hearts’ content without waiting in line.

Explore the waterfront on a bike :

The West Coast Park bicycle track goes parallel to the shoreline, with no grass patches or breakwaters, offering cyclists an unobstructed view of nearby boats and Jurong Island. Rent a bike from GoCycling for $8 per hour and explore the neighborhood on your bike.

The Promenade Lookout Jetty is a great place to see the sunset:

Instead of squandering the most beautiful part of the day indoors, go outside to chase the sunset during golden hour. The Lookout on the Promenade The jetty, which juts out from the West Coast Park Adventure Playground beach, provides an excellent vantage position for seeing the sky fade from orange to black behind the silhouette of the jetty’s many docked boats.

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