Zhenghua Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

Zhenghua Primary School

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Everything You Need To Know About  Zhenghua Primary School

The school, which claims to be a continuation of Cheng Hwa Public School, was founded in 1989. With 560 students and 28 teachers, it gets initially housed on the campus of Keming Primary School. The new facility of Zhenghua Primary School along Fajar Road – finished on November 4, 1989, and the school officially moved in on November 30, 1989.


The school gets chosen to participate in the PRIME program in 2005. The school would get renovated and replaced with new structures. They temporarily relocated to 38 Teck Whye Crescent, the old – site of Teck Whye Primary and Secondary schools, and remained there until May 2006.

In 2018 it – was announced the school gets selected for the PERI upgrade program. More amenities get added – old blocks get improved, and a new block gets built to house the indoor sports hall and the new MK at Zhenghua Primary School.

The School’s Vision:

Every Zhenghua student is a decent person with – a brittle academic and cultural background.

School’s Purpose:

Every student gets nourished – and the student’s potential is developed via a vibrant school culture and a loving atmosphere so that students grow up to be decent people and productive citizens.

Philosophy, culture, and Ethos in the Classroom:

Our slogan, “The Best That We Can Be,” and our belief, “Every kid can learn and is capable of attaining his or her own best,” guide us at Zhenghua Primary School. We provide a values-based, student-centered education with chances for talent development.

The school culture framework continues to build on the idea of ‘Students Our Focus, Staff Our Key.’ We believe in creating a caring, welcoming, and pleasant learning environment for all students. Students get guided by principles to do the right things in a culture of care. Students are motivated to study, provide their personal best, and refine their 21st-century abilities – they get immersed in a learning culture. Students will learn to be curious, and inventive, and notice connections due to an innovative culture. Our children may develop team values, improve their social-emotional abilities, and learn to give back to the community through our collaborative culture.


The school is divided into six blocks, numbered A through E and K. Although suitable block letters are assigned, the school prefers to adopt a different name scheme. The Joy Block, the Faith Block, and the ISH are the three primary areas of the school.

A general office, a library, two computer laboratories, three music rooms, an art room, a multi-purpose indoor sports hall, an indoor basketball court, and an auditorium are all sites. There are several green spaces and open places for kids at the school, including play and exercise equipment, planting plots, and an eco-garden. MK@Zhenghua is a MOE Kindergarten that shares the school’s campus.

Co-Curricular activities:

Some CCA activities include: 

The Environmental Club, Infocomm Club, Robotics Club, Library Club, Violin Club, Brass Band Choir, Chinese Dance, Indian Dance, Malay Dance, Talent Art program, rugby, basketball, floorball, soccer, Redcross, and Ignite & Excite.

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