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by | May 20, 2022

Ai Tong School

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How Best Is The Ai Tong School In Singapore?

In the year 1912, the Ai Tong School founded. It began accepting female students in 1950. Ai Tong School designate as an English stream school in 1985, and it received Special Assistance Plan (SAP) status in 1989. The school has grown in several ways over the last two decades. Students from Ai Tong School excelled in sports, the performing arts, and a wide range of other academic and non-academic pursuits.


The curriculum at Ai Tong School influences Chinese culture and history, and it also includes teachings on Chinese culture and history. It is a designated SAP school, which means it teaches English Chinese as a first language. Ai Tong is commonly recognised as a “top school” in Singapore, having produced top scorers in the national Primary School Leaving Examinations. Ai Tong School has a successful partnership with a school in Suzhou, China, and the two schools exchange students. Additionally, kids in Primary 5 chance participate in cultural exchange programmes in different parts of China.


Our Aesthetics (Music and Art) programme places on the development values, social and emotional competences (SEC), and 21st CC competencies. Students will learn to be explicitly responsible to the community, love music and art, and understand Chinese culture through the course of the curriculum. Some Aesthetics modules use technology to improve self-directed and collaborative learning in the classroom. From P1 through P6, students will grow via many age-appropriate performing and visual arts programmes.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA):

CCAs have a role in our students’ overall development and education. Our CCA programme allows students to explore their passions and abilities. We want to instil a lasting passion for a specific activity in each person. Even after graduation, this will aid the individual in leading a balanced life.

All CCAs place a strong focus on social interaction by offering a common area for students from all backgrounds to form connections and integrate socially. While participating in their CCAs, students build a sense of self and belonging to the school. Integrating core values, social and emotional skills, and developing 21st-century skills

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE):

Our students learn to be accountable to their families and communities through Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), their roles in influencing our country’s future. The CCE curriculum new trends and worldwide events impact our society, such as societal shifts, globalisation, and technological improvements.

CCE’s mission is to instil values and create competencies in our students can grow into good citizens and persons. Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, and Harmony are principles for a decent citizen of Singapore. They assist children in distinguishing between good and wrong and making responsible decisions.

The Philosophy of Student Leadership:

The Student Leadership Development (SLD) Program at Ai Tong School guides the school vision of “A School of Dynamics Learners in a Culture of Care,”. 

Every Ai Tong student in the school is a leader with the ability to lead. 

The curriculum employs the three ‘E’s strategies of Experience, Engage, and Empower to provide students with skills and information through training programmes and expose them to various experiences through meaningful platforms.

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