Alexandra Primary School

by | May 20, 2022

Alexandra Primary School

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Did You Learn About The Alexandra Primary School In singapore? 

Alexandra Primary School founded in 2014 building began in 2011. The school built to facilitate the delivery of a comprehensive and forward-thinking curriculum is available in Alexandra Primary School.

The ALPS Vision articulated:

Language is required to mould one’s thoughts, communicate emotions, and even establish one’s worldview. Language is required to encode what one is thinking and reflecting on to be a Reflective Learner. To be an Empathic Designer, you must be able to communicate in a foreign language. Good command of the language requires ideas as an Inspiring Leader.  Alexandra Primary School gives a result, the English Language Department’s goal is to help our students become proficient users of the English language they can communicate effectively and confidently.

Sports Convergence:

Athletic meets are held at all levels to allow students to demonstrate the abilities learned in physical education classes and compete against other classes in events. Individual and group events are the two most common types of events.

An individual event is something like a running race. Obstacle and relay courses are examples of group events in which students divided into teams.

CCE Programmes:

CCE takes a whole-school approach to meet ALPS’ objective and vision of helping students grow and shine as reflective learners, compassionate designers, and inspiring leaders. ALPS fosters CCE by cultivating a caring culture based on healthy interactions. A positive and loving atmosphere serves as a role model for exemplifying qualities such as respect, empathy, and harmony.

The CCE curriculum (which includes values-themed Assembly programmes, FTGP, and CCE lessons) and modules with specific contexts help students acquire socio-emotional competencies and values explicitly (Education and Career Guidance, Sexuality Education and Cyber Wellness).

All topic areas’ teaching and learning interwoven with CCE. The winners are awarded awards after the Sports Meet. Sporting spirit developed via participation in numerous games and sports. In sports, the candidate who is competing can win or lose. The pupil learns gracefully accept both successes and disappointments.

Guidance on Education and Careers:

In various learning paths, students introduce to a variety of occupations.

Students in Primary 4 go on a field trip to Kidzania to get their first taste of working life. Primary 5 students have participated in an annual ECG Carnival since 2018, learning from speakers from various businesses and participating in hands-on activities related to work in industries. During the annual Labour Day commemoration, students also learn about the value of many professions.


VIA at ALPS allows students to demonstrate their HER3OIC principles and develop social responsibility by making meaningful contributions to their families, schools, and communities. The goal is for students to gain a sense of ownership and confidence in their ability to a +ve others in the future result process.

Responsibilities in a Day-to-Day Environment:

“Keeping the place cleaner than it was before” is a priority at ALPS. Cleaning of the canteen and classrooms is done by students daily. The “clean-up” song is played at the end of each school day pupils clean up their classrooms. Glowing ALPS is a semester-long project in students clean up their desks and classrooms more thoroughly.

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