Anchor Green Primary School

by | May 20, 2022

Anchor Green Primary School

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Know About Anchor Green Primary School Programs

Government schools are the industry in which Anchor green primary school works. The company’s offices and the Anchor Green Primary School get located in Singapore.


The school genuinely cares about its pupils, and all of them have the potential to make a positive contribution to society.

The Anchor Green Primary School gets anchored in the country’s Green movement, the name perfectly encapsulates the devotion. Every Anchorlite is empowered to take ownership through their Applied Learning Program (ALP), Empowering Learners to be Environmental Activists (ELEA). They use their 3As (Attitudes, Awareness, and Actions) to tackle real-world problems related to environmental protection. 

They provide rich learning experiences across four AGPS domains: aesthetics, cognition, physicality, and socio-moral and emotional well-being. Each child discovers and develops a unique blend of interests and abilities, allowing them to thrive as grateful community contributors. The ARTS Learning for Life Programme (LLP) uses a holistic Arts Education to develop character and solid foundational mastery.

School Programs:


Arts Education at AGPS, a.k.a. A.G.P.S. Arts (Aspire, Grow, Passionate, and Serve through the Arts) is an important aspect of each child’s holistic education, in which success in the arts is part of a larger definition of success.

The school’s vision from AGPS Arts is to develop every Anchorlite into a Lifelong Learner and a Lifelong Advocate of the Arts by enhancing students’ knowledge, abilities, and passion for the arts while cultivating their creative expressions. Through various art venues, they can improve their social, cultural, and heritage awareness and grow into confident, critical, and creative learners and active members of society.


ALP (ELEA) is a program that helps young environmental activists form a community. ALP focuses on showing graciousness among pupils and staff by each performing their part to safeguard the environment, in line with the school’s aim of developing a community of ambitious and gracious Learners. It gets accomplished through a tiered method, in which each level and group of students focuses on a different environmental issue to address.

How Do They Provide Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)?

Through experiential learning, CCA provides ANCHORLITES with platforms and opportunities to further their personal, interpersonal, social, and civic growth. CCA emphasizes the importance of core values, social and emotional competencies, civic literacy, global knowledge, and cross-cultural abilities in the ANCHORLITE character and citizenship development.

During CCA classes, students will put the skills they learned in the official curriculum to use. Students would be able to progress along the perception and processing continuums, from feeling to thinking and watching to doing, respectively, through these experiences.

School Regulations & Rules:

Norms of Behavior:

  • Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Confidence, Care, and Harmony are among the virtues they demonstrate, and they strive to provide their best.
  • Always be courteous and well-behaved, both inside and outside of school.
  • Respectfully greet all Anchor green primary school community members, including teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, and guests.
  • When traveling throughout the school, be quiet and orderly.
  • Take special care of all school property and equipment.
  • Maintain a clean environment in the classrooms and on the school grounds.
  • Always be cautious.
  • maintain one’s own and others’ safety

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