Bedok Green Secondary School

by | Jun 13, 2022

Bedok Green Secondary School

Bedok Green Secondary School Logo

Learn More About The Bedok Green Secondary School

Bedok Green Secondary School opened its doors to pupils in its holding school on Bedok South Road On the 2nd January 2001. The pioneer staff spent three months developing the school’s vision and mission, creating the school’s emblem, flag, and words for the school hymn. On Youth Day 2001, the holding school raised the school flag for the first time. Its green colour, like bamboo, represents growth and youthful energy, but the brown colour represents the rich ground on which bamboo grows and represents rootedness and a sense of connection to the school and country. We envision our school as a family where students and staff collaborate to learn new things and build 21st-century skills via curricular innovations like inquiry, innovation, Bedok Green Secondary School Passion, and Values in Action.

Bedok Green Secondary School Singapore

School Philosophy, Culture, and Ethos:

We believe in an education that brings out the best in people so they may live lives that are meaningful, gratifying, and helpful to others. We develop self-assured pupils with a good self-image and positive interpersonal interactions. The affirming and encouraging atmosphere at the school gives pupils multiple opportunities to succeed in various ways. Because we intentionally foster deep and meaningful relationships between teachers and kids, the school offers a dynamic, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. The Bedok Green Secondary School produces self-disciplined and self-reliant with the desire and ability to continue learning long after completing secondary school and well into adulthood.

Bedok Green Secondary School Lobby

Co-curricular Activities:

The CCA is part of the Co-Curriculum Program (CCP) at BGSS, which complements the Instructional Program (IP) to accomplish our BGSS Student Desired Outcomes of A Reflective & Collaborative LEANER, An Ethical & Innovative LEADER, and A Cultured & Confident CITIZEN. Physical Sports, Visual and Performing Arts, Clubs & Societies, and Uniform Groups are among the nineteen CCAs. BGSS CCAs, to the best of our ability, serve as platforms for students to explore their skills and interests in a realistic learning environment and instil a love of learning in our students.

Bedok Green Secondary School Court

Physical Sports:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Canoeing
  • Football
  • Outdoor Adventure Club
  • Softball
  • Wushu

Bedok Green Secondary School Hallway

Uniformed Groups:

  • National Cadet Corps (NCC) (Land)
  • National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)
  • St. John Brigade

Visual and Performing Arts:

  • Art and Craft Club
  • Band – Concert
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Dance – Malay
  • Drama
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Environmental Club
  • Infocom Club
  • Singapore Youth Flying Club

Bedok Green Secondary School Lift

The Curriculum:

Bedok Green Primary School’s curriculum includes the fundamentals of academic foundations such as English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue languages. ICT and MRL are two more fields of study that help students comprehend and apply the value of current and future technologies.

Programs and Services Not Available Anywhere Else:

The PAM focuses on physical activities that assist students will improve their social, muscular, and cerebral capacities and cognitive abilities. Its purpose is to increase students’ health and fitness so that they may overcome their limitations and improve themselves.

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