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Jurong Bird Park: A Splashy Good Time for the Whole Family!

Jurong Bird Park is Singapore’s premier aviary and top tourist destination. The bird park comprises an area of 0.2 square kilometres (49 acres) on the western slope of Jurong Hill, the highest point in the Jurong district. It is one of the parks administered by Mandai Wildlife Reserve the producers of Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Singapore and River Wonders.


The notion of a permanent aviary was initially envisaged by the late Dr Goh Keng Swee, then Minister for Finance, in 1968. During a World Bank conference in Rio de Janeiro, Dr Goh visited its zoological park and was impressed by its free-flight aviary. He wanted to make sure that Singaporeans have a place to go away from the city and unwind in the presence of nature.

In January of 1969, construction on the aviary began. The project would take place on a 35-acre plot in Jurong on the western slope of Bukit Peropok. By the end of 1969, the bird park was supposed to be finished.

On 3 January 1971, Jurong Bird Park, constructed at a cost of S$3.5 million, was opened to the public.

Jurong Bird Park is now a world-famous bird zoo where there are examples of exquisite bird life from throughout the globe, including a big flock of flamingos. While it may not have as many birds as Germany’s Weltvogelpark Walsrode, it does have more bird species and more acreage than anywhere else. There are 5,000 birds of 400 kinds at Jurong Bird Park, of which 29 are of vulnerable species.

In 2006, Jurong Bird Park underwent a S$10 million facelift. As a consequence of the makeover, the park acquired a new entry plaza, a park-owned and operated Bongo Burgers restaurant, an ice cream parlour, a gift shop and a bird hospital. Wildlife Reserves Singapore revealed on 1 June 2016 that in 2020, Jurong Bird Park will be moved to Mandai Lake Road with a new name for the Bird Park. COVID-19 pandemic-related delays forced a postponement until 2022.

On 13 October 2021, the Mandai Wildlife Group announced that the park’s replacement in Mandai will be called Bird Paradise.

Built at a cost of S$7 million dollars, Birdz of Play is comparable to the Rainforest KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo, a tourist attraction that comes under the aegis of Wildlife Reserves Singapore [which also oversees Jurong Bird Park].

An noticeable contrast is the size; Rainforest KidzWorld is far larger and offers a more complete educational experience for children [horses, chicks, bunnies and even a reproduction of a kampong home].

The lack of big, towering trees in the area also means that the numerous water features look extremely enticing in the sunny weather! Next time, I’ll bring my niece and cousin along with me so that I have a good reason to enjoy the playground.

For those who didn’t bring additional clothes but still want to have some fun, there’s a separate, smaller dry area.

A facility (known as multi-purpose pavilion) inside the enclosure is where you can do some pricey shopping, enjoy a Ben & Jerry sundae and even play arcade games.

From having a splashing good time, finding intriguing avian facts to unearthing a huge egg collection, there are tonnes of exciting activities here for youngsters to indulge their sense of exploration and curiosity.

Birdz of Play’s Play Area is now closed as a precautionary measure in accordance with new government requirements. Read full information

Birdz of Play

Make a splash in our fun paradise for families with children. For older children, there’s a games area and a multipurpose pavilion at this playground with a bird motif. However, our shaded pavilion, retail store and café are perfect places for adults to relax.

Hours of Operation per Day

11:00am – 5:30pm

Guidelines for Water Play Areas

  • No food and beverages
  • There is no need for shoes.
  • Run-free Zones
  • Always wear the proper clothing and, if necessary, swim diapers.
  • Shower before and after play 

Bird Discovery Centre

At the Bird Discovery Centre, your small ones may become tiny avian specialists. Stroll around our live classroom and learn a whole flock of astonishing avian facts. See our large egg collection from more than 250 bird species. Here they’ll get to view, touch and learn for themselves all there is to know about birds.

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