Boon Lay Neighbourhood

by | Jun 7, 2022

Boon Lay Neighbourhood

boon lay neighbourhood building

All You Need To Know About  Boon Lay Neighbourhood

Boon Lay Neighbourhood, named after 19th-century industrialist Chew Boon Lay, has evolved into Singapore’s western-most economic powerhouse. Boon Lay Neighbourhood is part of the West Coast Group Representation Constituency and serves as the area’s heart. It is located inside the municipality of Jurong West. After being privately held by Mr Chew, a plot property was requisition by the then British-occupied Singaporean government’s defence department. The expansion of the nearby Jurong district as an industrial estate in the 1960s. The Jurong Town Corporation created Boon Lay as a low-cost housing community for employees.

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Since the first HDB estate was built in 1974, the Boon Lay’s housing facilities have been government-mandated. While this was notably important during the early years of the Boon Lay Neighbourhood development, the area has received a slew of condos. The Centris locates closer to the Boon Lay MRT station.

The residential section of Boon Lay separates into three areas: Boon Lay Avenue, Boon Lay Drive, and Boon Lay Place. Boon Lay is one of the many areas of Singapore that is seeing an influx of younger inhabitants, with a mix of the original estate and build-to-order apartment towers.

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Boon Lay’s reputation at the ulu end of the planet has a surprising amount of drinking establishments. Boon Lay has various nightlife options, ranging from well-known franchise names like OBar and the liquid-buffet-famous Idle to location-specific options like Rendezvous Bistro & Bar and El Barrio. Apart from the sought-after bars, Jurong Point has provided Boon Lay with the regular cafe mainstays. You’d think Jurong Point had your coffee fix covered with Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but the mall goes one further with O’ Coffee Club Express and Oldtown White Coffee if you prefer something more traditional.

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With the rapid urbanisation of the Boon Lay neighbourhood, it was only a matter of time before the area got its city-style mall. Jurong Point, which opened in 1995, served as a commercial focus for Jurong West and a supplement to the Boon Lay MRT station. The Golden Village Cinemas level in Singapore’s western region an early claim to fame and is still a key feature. The mall will grow twice more in 2000 and 2008, including the Boon Lay bus interchange.

If Jurong Point Shopping Centre is the estate’s answer to the need for a commercial mall, Boon Lay Shopping Centre is its heartland equivalent.

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Boon Lay benefits from both the Jurong Central Park and the Jurong West Park Connector, thanks to NParks’ commitment to spreading nature to all corners of Singapore. Jurong Lake Gardens and Coney Island Park connect the Jurong West Park connect route. The Jurong Central Park is located directly across the Boon Lay MRT station and extends to the Jurong SAFRA Clubhouse. The Jurong Park Connector connects Jurong Central Park to Jurong Lake Gardens and the Jurong West Park Connector to Yunnan Park. The Western Adventure Loop, which connects tourists to other park connectors and parks, includes the connector.

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