Boon Lay Secondary School

by | Jun 19, 2022

Boon Lay Secondary School

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Methods Of Education In The Boon Lay Secondary School

The Boon Lay Secondary School Heritage Garden establish to preserve the school’s history after Boon Lay Secondary and Pioneer Secondary School merged in 2017. The BLS Heritage Garden locates in front of the school through the main gate Gallery is in front of the General Office. It consists of two school icons that represent the merger.BLS built on the proud traditions of Boon Lay Secondary School and Pioneer Secondary School. It represents nearly 70 years of heritage and tradition. Since the two schools merged in 2017, we have built on our past strengths and heritage to forge ahead with a new vision to empower our students to achieve their goals. 

Boon Lay Secondary School Singapore

Technology & Craft

Boon Lay Secondary School designs learning experiences and employs assessment practices that provide students with the knowledge, skills, and learning dispositions that serve as the foundation for lifelong learning. Students experience authentic learning through investigation, reflection, and the creation of their end-products when various educational technologies are made available to them. The Craft and Technology curriculum consists series of projects that students work on to develop empathy and sensitivity to people’s needs. These projects help students develop an appreciation for Culinary Creation and Design. Students in lower secondary school are encouraged to work in groups to analyse, communicate, collaborate, reason, and problem solve. The department implements e-Pedagogies through Team-Based Learning.

Boon Lay Secondary School

New Media Literacies

As a Learning Technologies department, we advocate for the teaching and learning of new media literacy and provide opportunities within the curriculum for students to connect, curate, and create. These new media literacies are critical for students to become future-ready individuals comfortable with technology while discerning their information consumption. Students provide authentic contexts and scenarios to use ICT relates and skills for a meaningful purpose resulting from the integration of new media literacies into our curriculum.

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Real-World Application

Our dept believes in making learning relevant to students. Students participate in group and individual project tasks as part of their alternative assessments, allowing them to apply their skills in an authentic learning setting.

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Active, student-centred learning

We strive to provide our students with unique learning experiences and opportunities to apply what they’ve learned. In 2021, the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) department collaborated with the Social Studies (SS) Unit to create a multi-disciplinary, inquiry-based project as a form of Alternative Assessment. Students in this project allow the various heritage centres in Singapore through a learning journey and learn about Singapore’s diverse society and the government’s efforts to preserve our harmony. The learning experience culminates in a digital artefact that the students displayed during their MTL lessons, in addition to completing an Issues Investigation task for SS.

Boon Lay Secondary School Students

In Action Values

The Values in Action (VIA) programme at BLS provides our students with a values-driven education child is allowed to gradually contribute back to society (covering four main domains: School, Community, Nation and World). Rather than the traditional approach of class-organized VIA, the projects in BLS are led by CCA groups. Our CCA-based VIA programme allows CCA groups to work with a community partner of choice to raise awareness and advocate for the community. In essence, VIA in BLS involves students working with various community partners to identify and understand community needs while also learning.

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