Bowen Secondary School

by | Jun 19, 2022

Bowen Secondary School

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Know The Holistic Education Of  Bowen Secondary School

Bowen Secondary School includes a variety of experiences, including Full Subject-Based Banding and Bowen. Explore! is designed to help Bowenians develop their strengths while also allowing them to explore their interests across a wide range of life domains. Learning for Life and Self-Directed Learning will be critical to our success in an uncertain future. We have developed a comprehensive curriculum that emphasises active and responsible learning with technology to provide Bowenians with the agility to learn, unlearn, and relearn. 

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Full Subject-Based Banding tested (FSBB)

Minister Ong Ye Kung, the then-Minister of Education, said in March 2019 that Streaming would replace by Full Subject Based Banding (SBB). “, he explained.

“The education system will become far more flexible than it is today, allowing us to tailor learning to the individual kid and allow them to thrive at different stages of their lives.” Bowen Secondary School is one of 28 secondary schools chosen by the Ministry of Education to begin testing features, Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB). The pilot in 2020 and is now running smoothly.

They will develop their socio-emotional skills and participate in hands-on disciplines such as Art, D&T, and F&N in Form Class. In addition, students will participate in CCE, Music, and PE in their form classes.

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English Week at Bowen

Bowen’s English Week is an annual week-long celebration of the English language centred on a specific theme. The many English-related activities organised, from quizzes to drama performances, are intended to help our students be productively engaged and actively involved. We hope that by participating in these activities, our students will better understand how the English language evolved into our current language and the importance of learning the English language today.

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Morning Assembly Oratorical Presentations

Morning assembly oratorical presentations are a platform designed specifically to help students gain confidence in speaking publicly in front of a large audience. During morning assemblies, different classes turn to give a short presentation on topics ranging from idiomatic expressions to word etymology to encourage their peers to broaden their vocabulary.

Bowen Secondary School Classroom

Citizenship and Character Education

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is at the heart of Singaporeans. Students learn values, social-emotional competencies, and character and citizenship dispositions through CCE, allowing them to grow holistically and learn for life. To assist our students in adapting to disruptions in an ever-changing world, taught in CCE must remain current and relevant. CCE 2021 was created with this in mind to students navigate the realities of their time.

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Our PE Program

Our students in Bowen will learn to play various sports and games to maintain physical fitness over 4-5 years. Help our students appreciate and comprehend the various sports using a cognitive approach. Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively when devising game strategies through concept-based lessons. It is also a goal to create meaningful and stimulating lessons and activities that will improve our students’ affective and social skills, foster character development, and cultivate the desirable qualities of sportsmanship. Aside from games and sports and outdoor education lessons, our students also go through a series of Physical Health and Fitness lessons designed to provide sports-specific knowledge.

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