Bukit Timah Primary School

by | May 21, 2022

Bukit Timah Primary School

Bukit Timah Primary School Logo

Guidelines to know about the Bukit Timah Primary School

Bukit Batok Primary School is a merger of two schools, Bukit Batok East and Bukit Batok West Primary Schools, which locates at the intersection of Jalan Jurong Kechil and Jurong Road. Since 1959, these two schools have run independently. However, in 1984, they merged to establish Bukit Batok Primary School, which still exists today. The two three-story blocks that make up the school buildings get constructed in 1959. In the year 1988, a new hall/canteen gets built. The school changed its name to “Bukit Timah Primary School” in December 2001 when it moved to a new location on Lorong Kismis.

Philosophy, culture, and ethos

We believe that every kid has an inherent value at Bukit Timah Primary School (BTPS). When given the correct atmosphere and assistance, he may learn and succeed. A youngster, like a sapling, requires scaffolding to stay rooted while growing. A secure and conducive atmosphere is one in which order and discipline get established so that the kid may learn effectively. He gets provided an opportunity to explore, discover, and ask questions at his speed.

Co- Curricular Activities:

  •  Badminton (Girls and Boys)
  • Basketball (Girls and Boys)
  • Rugby (Boys)
  • Football (Girls and Boys)
  • Wushu (Girls and Boys)
  • Tchoukball (Girls and Boys)
  • Modular CCA (Sports) (Girls and Boys)
  • Boys’ Brigade (Boys)
  • Scouts (Girls and Boys)
  • Choir (Girls and Boys)
  • Brass Band (Girls and Boys)
  • Modern Dance (Girls and Boys)
  • English Drama (Girls and Boys)
  • Art and Crafts (Girls and Boys)
  • Infocomm Technology (Computing) (Girls and Boys)
  • Environmental Science (Girls and Boys)

Achievements and other school features:

Character growth gets aided by technological advancements. Our school’s overall PSLE pass rate in 2005 was 99.6%. The national average is 97.8%. 69.5 percent of students are eligible for the Special/Express stream, compared to 62.2 percent for the regular-stream. EL received 53.5 percent of the quality passes compared to 44.1 percent for EL (National). 75.8% vs. 80.9 percent for CL (National). 58.3 percent for ML vs. 76.1 percent for ML (National). Hundred percent TL vs. 78.4 percent TL (National). 

Development program & distinctive programmes:

  • IBL-TR adoption to engage, excite and empower a self-directed learner to learn. Due to the aspects of thinking, cooperating, and producing, the school-wide approach will assist students’ learning of 21st CC skills and competencies.
  • Applied Learning Programme (ALP) / Interdisciplinary Inquiry-based Learning Supported by Thinking Routines
  • Empathy and Resilience via Music for Everyone – Music and the performing arts are part of the Learning for Life Programme (LLP).


Testimonial of Parents : Bukit Timah Primary School’s school system is popular among parents because it encourages kids to grow as individuals. Teachers are equally committed to the teaching and development of the pupils at this school. The school supports its values, mission, and vision to improve as a community.

Testimonials from Students : Bukit Timah Primary School pupils study every day and have a good time at school. Students adore the instructors and staff with whom they engage daily. CCAs are continuously enhanced, and students enjoy participating in them because they are well-planned and less stressful.

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