Catholic High School Secondary

by | Jun 19, 2022

Catholic High School Secondary

Catholic High School entrance

What Are The Catholic High School Secondary Programs available?

Catholic High School Secondary is a government-funded, autonomous Catholic boys’ school in Bishan, Singapore, founded in 1935 by Reverend Father Edward Becheras, a French missionary. It is a Special Assistance Plan school in Singapore with a primary school section offering a six-year primary education and a secondary school section offering a four-year secondary education. Continue reading to learn more about the varied programs offered by Catholic High School Secondary.

Catholic High School

Dual Track O-Level Programme & Integrated Programme

The Dual Track of Integrated Programme (also known as the Joint Integrated Programme) and O-Level Programme attain the Desired Outcomes of a Catholic High School Education. Pre-university institutions, such as junior colleges, will prepare students for the A-Level in both courses. The new Eunoia Junior College will accept IP students. For Diploma courses, OP students articulate to a Polytechnic. Students new to Catholic High School Secondary will choose their track during the DSA or Sec 1 (S1) Posting Exercise.

Students in both programs will have the opportunity to engage and learn together, regardless of whether they are studying IP or O-Levels. 

SAP Flagship Programme

CHS offers the “Deepening the Roots, Charting the Future” SAP Flagship Program to all lower-level IP and OP students. Students’ comprehension and appreciation of Chinese culture improved through this SAP Flagship Program. The Appreciation of Chinese Culture (ACC) lessons, which teach our pupils in the five domains of Qin, Qi, Shu, Hua, and Shi, like music, chess, calligraphy, ink painting, and history and classics, are the most vital components of the program. Students may learn both Chinese and International Chess during these ACC classes to create a holistic understanding.

Catholic High School Top view

Space and Flight Science Programme

Students can learn about autonomous vehicles and satellite technology as part of this program. Staff, resources, such as the STARS lab, and collaborations enable the school to provide diverse training and industry learning opportunities. This curriculum is an ideal complement to the Life Sciences Program’s rigorous and authentic learning experiences.

Passion Pursuit (Elective)

In Catholic High School, there is an Independent and Elective component to the Passion Pursuit program. The program’s broad goals are to help students build 21st-century talents, discover new passions through new challenges, and learn new skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.

Passion Pursuit (Independent)

One of two Joint Integrated Program Flagship Programs, Passion Pursuit (Independent), is of two. Catholic High School Research and Mentorship Program aims to equip IP students with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in higher-level research initiatives.

The PP(Indp) goals are to assist students in building 21st Century Competencies and entrepreneurial daring, develop new talents, and guide them to gain knowledge outside of the classroom.

World-Readiness Programme

The World-Readiness Program (WRP) is a JIP Flagship developed with other JIP institutions. Its objectives are to foster self-aware, socially conscious persons. Students discuss topical and timeless topics in weekly WRP lessons. Singapore’s status in the world, and Eastern and Western perspectives on various issues relevant to life and society, are among the themes under discussion. WRP aspires to encourage a lifelong pursuit of intellectual courage and fairness.

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