Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

by | Jun 20, 2022

Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Cedar Secondary School Entrance

Everything Know About Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School gets founded in 1957 as a government-run, autonomous girls’ secondary school. The school fosters a loving environment to bring forth the best in children. Students will have various opportunities to master new talents and improve their social skills. Cedar Girls’ Secondary School is well-known for its academic and sports accomplishments. All the programs and systems assist students in the moral, physical, social, and artistic realms. Cedar Girls’ Secondary School will foster strong ties, responsibility, teamwork, independence, and confidence among its students.

Cedar Secondary School Auditorium

Academic information

The Victoria-Cedar Alliance offers a four-year Express course that prepares students for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examinations and a six-year Integrated Program (VCA).

Integrated Program Victoria-Cedar Alliance (VCA IP)

The Victoria-Cedar Alliance Integrated Programme at Cedar Girls’ Secondary School is a six-year Integrated Programme that allows Express stream pupils to avoid the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examinations at the end of Secondary Four. In 2012, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School began providing the Integrated Program alongside Victoria School and Victoria Junior College, building on the success of Victoria Junior College’s four-year Victoria Integrated Programme (VIP), which began in 2005. Cedar pupils complete their four-year secondary education at Cedar Girls’ Secondary School before enrolling in Victoria Junior College in Years 5 and 6 and will sit the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examinations at the end of Year 6.

Cedar Secondary School Student

Co-curricular activities

Physical sports, performing arts, clubs, organizations, and uniformed groups are among the 21 co-curricular activities (CCAs) available at the school. Several of these groups have excelled in outside competitions on behalf of the school.

Since 1968, the school has won 40 National Inter-School Track and Field Championships in the “B” and “C” Divisions. The school’s table tennis team has also performed admirably, finishing in the top ten in the “B” and “C” Divisions in the East Zone and National Inter-school Table Tennis Championships.

The school’s uniformed groups have also performed admirably, with the National Police Cadet Corps unit earning Gold in the Unit Overall Proficiency Award for 13 consecutive years from 2000 to 2013. Since2011, the school’s two Girl Guide companies have received Gold for the Puan Noor Aishah Award.


A blue blouse tucked into a grey skirt with a grey tie with diagonal yellow stripes gets worn as part of the school uniform. The name tag is worn above the school badge, attached to the left chest. The shoes are white canvas with white stockings over the ankle.

Cedarians have been able to wear athletic shoes to school since February of 2007. The shoes must be primarily white (about 70%). The school colors of grey, blue, or yellow must get used for the stripes.

The Perfect Councillors wear white socks and black canvas shoes, their golden name tag emblazoned with the school crest and their prefectorial status. A Larger school badge gets worn near the bottom of their silver tie. Apart from the prefects, all pupil leaders wear a silvery name tag with the school crest and status. Yellow with a collar is the school’s PE shirt.

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