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How Does Catholic Junior College Help Its Students?

Catholic Junior College is a pre-university educational institution that develops pupils holistically. It is Singapore’s third-oldest junior college. They are inspired to build a values-driven atmosphere that balances academic, character, and spiritual growth by the broad Catholic ideals of Truth and Love. Every CATHOLIC JUNIOR COLLEGE student will develop into a thinker with a goal and a leader with a heart, which is critical for success in a globalized, fast-changing world. 

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Catholic Junior College (CJC) is a two-year junior college founded in 1975 in Singapore that prepares students for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examination. 

Ignite Programme

The CATHOLIC JUNIOR COLLEGE Ignite Program is for those who are fearlessly curious, analytical thinkers, and ambitious change-makers. You belong in the Ignite Program if you’re willing to push the envelope, value questions as answers, and want to make a difference in your community. You’ll get the chance to ask tough questions, analyze complicated situations, and battle with abstraction as a critical thinker and future-oriented leader. This skill development program will help you become a true Thinker with a Mission and a Leader with a Heart.

Knowledge Skills

Higher-order thinking skills, communication skills, information literacy, and the capacity to write coherent and Cogent essays are all at the heart of a CJC education. H1 Project Work in JC1 and H1 General Paper in both years get offered by students in the Humanities and Science courses. Both subjects are mandatory. H1 General Paper is not required for students reading H2 Knowledge & Inquiry.

Mother Tongue Languages (MTL)

Chinese, Malaysian, or Indian ancestry students must study their respective MTL. The implementation of the MTL policy, on the other hand, is flexible. Eurasian or mixed-parentage students can seek to offer one of the three official MTLs. MTL class will get assigned based on the first component race for Singapore Citizen students with double-barrelled races. Non-Tamil Indian students can apply to teach one of the five NTILs (Non-Tamil Indian Languages) approved (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu). Furthermore, if there are acceptable reasons, a non-Chinese/non-Malay student may request to have CL/ML as their MTL.


Under the GCE A-Level Programme, the college offers the following Humanities courses. Students teaching Humanities and Science courses can choose from Geography, Economics, History, and Literature in English at the H1 or H2 level, depending on the subject combination. H2 English Language and Linguistics and H2 Knowledge and Inquiry are optional courses for students in both streams.

Every CJCian a Leader

The Student Development program offers you leadership opportunities and training at many levels and in diverse roles with leadership development. The Student Development department’s objective is that all CJCians seek to develop themselves on all levels, starting with the fundamental discovery of self, awareness of others’ needs, and lastly, service to the nation and beyond.

Academic Immersion Programme in Economics

This program aims to broaden students’ worldviews and challenge their thinking by comparing and contrasting the challenges and opportunities countries confront. In addition, as part of our college’s ethos of developing Thinkers with a Mission and Leaders with a Heart, students participate in school visits and a service-learning project.

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