CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

by | May 21, 2022

CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

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Do You Know About CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace?


The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus Our Lady Queen of Peace (previously CHIJ Bukit Timah) is one of the congregations of the Infant Jesus’ eleven schools. In 1955, the Infant Jesus Sisters built the school as the sixth school in Singapore to meet the educational needs of the girls. It began with 62 students and Miss Ursula Koh as the first Principal. The school temporarily situated at the St. Joseph Sino-English School until moving to its current location in 1957. CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, in 1961, a secondary part was established, but due to insufficient facilities for further instruction, the congregation phased out the secondary section and merged with Boys Town School’s secondary.

Mother Tongue Fortnight 2021

From July 6 to July 16, 2021 Mother Tongue Language Fortnight took place. ‘Our Heritage, Our Culture’ is the topic of the MTL Fortnight this year. Students in grades 1 to 6 participated in hands-on activities and learned more about other ethnic cultures through entertaining activities in CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace. On the penultimate day of MTL fortnight, our school also honoured Racial Harmony Day.


The goal CHIJ OLQP Arts Education programme to help all IJ girls become champions for the arts and display skills in both the visual and performing arts. Our art and music programmes help our IJ girls develop their creative abilities and grow to eager learners, humble leaders, and gracious ladies.

Character Lives In My Behaviour (CLIMB)

As a CCE teaching and learning tool, our CLIMB Program uses The Virtues Project. The Virtues Project is a holistic and uplifting programme that encourages children and people to be their best selves (Linda Kavelin Popov, 2000). CLIMB built around set 52 virtues that support our school’s ideals.

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

ECG is developmental in character, and it aims to suit the needs of children at all stages of their education. Students learn social-emotional skills attributes proactivity, adaptability resilience. It helps succeed in the twenty-first century.

To provide students with the required knowledge, skills, and values so that they may make educated educational and career decisions that will benefit Singapore’s future.

Leadership among students

At CHIJ OLQP, student leadership development aims to produce leaders who can:

  • act compassionately;
  • moral fortitude; and
  • With humility, lead and serve.

The school intends to apply the leadership practice “The Leader in Me: 7 Habits of Happy Kids” to promote leadership and 21CC in the kids. “The Leader in Me” is a complete K-12 school improvement programme that provides kids with the necessary leadership and life-readiness skills to succeed in the twenty-first century while also improving school results in leadership, culture, and academics.

Information Communication Technology

The school’s ICT programme aims to turn our pupils become “Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learners” by:

To enhance students’ propensity to be responsible digital learners, incorporate Baseline ICT Standards (New Media Literacies) into classes.

Use technology to promote active learning with a focus on:

  • Students will assess and give feedback to help them become self-directed learners.
  • Learn and cooperate through online networks to generate collaborative learners in kids
  • Make use technology to acquire computational thinking skills to solve problems.

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