East Spring Secondary School

by | Jun 21, 2022

East Spring Secondary School

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East Spring Secondary School: To Know About

East Spring Secondary School In 1999,got founded. It was intertwined with Tampines’ history, as a school was required to suit the needs of the area’s burgeoning families.

East Spring’s pioneer teachers and children were at the vanguard of twenty-first-century pedagogies with its modern and up-to-date facilities – when the Ministry of Education was commencing on its Thinking Schools, Learning Nation framework.

East Spring Secondary School

The Holistic Child in the Twenty-First Century

With abroad learning tours, charity bazaars and fundraising, and numerous community initiatives. East Spring Secondary School quickly adapted to MOE’s Teach Less Learn More phase. Our R2ISE (and later R3ISE) ideals, which anchor our weekly life skills program, helped to encourage this through our numerous programs. It gets supplemented by our weekly Success for Learning (SFL) program and gets tailored to our students’ various requirements.

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A New Era has Begun:

The Ministry of Education’s declaration in 2011 about the change to a student-centred, values-driven education reaffirmed what we’ve always done at East Spring. With the Global Thinkers Curriculum and the Student Leadership Program, we continued to grow East Springians into Creative Learners, Upright Citizens, and Global Thinkers, further preparing our students for the twenty-first century.

The Lee Hsien Loong Award for Innovations in the Normal Course, which we received in 2017, validated our previous efforts and approach. To continue building learning experiences that will bring out the best in every student.

East Spring Secondary School Singapore

East View Secondary School:

On January 2, 1987, East View Secondary School opened its doors at Tampines Secondary School, occupying 14 classrooms in the afternoon session. The school began with ten Secondary One classes, staffed by thirteen teachers and four non-teaching personnel. In June of that year, the school moved to its new location at 3 Tampines Street 42 – after a six-month stay in Tampines Secondary School.

Tay Eng Soon, Senior Minister of State for Education and Member of Parliament for Eunos GRC, officially opened the school on March 24, 1990. The school contributed S$1,000 to the Community Chest of Singapore and S$1,000 to the National Kidney Foundation to mark the event. The school has also participated in several public activities.

East Spring Secondary School Field

Program of Integration

The Integration Program gets a new project at East Spring Secondary School, aimed toward international – students in a lower secondary school and permanent residents.

The following are the goals of the Integrations Program:

  1. Raise awareness of the need for integration for our society’s and nation’s long-term success;
  2. Assist newcomers in adjusting to Singaporean culture and social standards, including assisting them in better understanding local cultures and social norms.
  3. Assist local and foreign – students in forming friendships and sharing their experiences;
  4. Foster and deepen emotional attachment to Singapore and a sense of belonging.

Some of these goals get met through field trips to culturally significant locations like museums, visits to local attractions, and a buddy system with peer support student leaders at school. We hope that by putting in these efforts, we will establish a welcoming and inclusive environment for these pupils, allowing for enjoyable and meaningful learning. All of this is done for them to reach their full potential and become successful.

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