Elias Park Primary School

by | May 23, 2022

Elias Park Primary School

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What to Know About Elias Park Primary School

Miss Chiang Wai Leng, Miss Brenda Yeow, Mrs. Wong Siew San, and Mdm Cassie Fan have led the school on an extraordinary journey. The Elias Park Primary School is located on Pasir Ris St. 52 to address the demand of children studying in Pasir Ris. Mr. Charles Chong, Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris GRC, officially inaugurated the school on July 12, 1997. The school began with a small student body and has since grown to almost 2000 students in 52 courses with 75 professors. Mrs. Wong Siew Shan serves as principal, while Mrs. Han Lee Kwang serves as vice-principal.

Distinctive Programs and Services:

SH@PE Alive! Elias Park Primary School’s dedication to providing pupils with an exciting citizenship education experience that engages their senses and warms their emotions.

EPPS’s Programme For Active Learning (PAL) in Elias Park Primary School encompasses four domains: Sports & Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts, all of which will get explored in innovative ways to help students develop confidence, curiosity, and a positive attitude toward learning while also enjoying teamwork.

Arts Creatively Expressed (ACE) @ Elias uses Exposure, Experience, and Appreciation to help children develop a love of art and music by allowing them to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences via a variety of creative media.

School Academic Achievements:

2006 PSLE Results:

Pass Percentage (National Average): 97.7%

Pass Percentage (School Average): 99.34%

2008 PSLE Results:

Pass Percentage (National Average): 97.1

Pass Percentage (School Average): 99.4%

Merged Stream’s Best Performer

EM3 Stream’s Best Performer

Events Conducted:

  • Bonding Days
  • Meet-The-Parents Session
  • P1 & P2 Pride Moment
  • Childrens Day
  • Honors Day

Sports, clubs, and activities:


  • Science Club
  • ICT Club 
  • Art Club
  • Scouts


  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis


  • International Dance
  • Elias Chinese Orchestra (ECHO)
  • Choir
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Food & Nutrition

School Crest:

Blue and yellow make up the School Crest. The brilliant yellow symbolizes warmth and happiness, while the deep blue indicates decorum, seriousness, and respect. The juxtaposition of these opposing viewpoints demonstrates a desire for a balanced educational approach.

In terms of design, the Crest has a dualistic appearance. The leaf, which represents the sacredness of life, changes into a heart with twin chambers, each with vessels that work together to produce the letters ‘E’ and ‘P.’

These ideals of ‘Endeavour’ and ‘Perseverance’ get symbolized by the letters ‘E’ and ‘P.’ The quest for knowledge should eventually lead to soul growth, which rests on an open book. Success assesses by these values retained in the heart, symbolized by the laurel.

The school’s idea of the school as a big family gets symbolized by the prominent outer ring, which represents togetherness and cohesiveness among staff and students.

School Song:

Miss Chiang Wai Leng, the former principal, wrote the lyrics to EPPS’ School Song, which resulted in a song that effectively communicated the school’s vision and mission. Mr. Tan Soon Yong created the School Song’s music, while Mr. Mike Chia compiled the final score.

Parent Support Group:

A parent support club is also active at the school, assisting with school concerts and other events; its Chairman is Mrs. Yvvone Chin, and they have a large task force.

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