Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

by | May 23, 2022

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

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More To Know About The Fairfield Methodist School

On Dover Road, there are two schools: Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) and Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary). They are one of Singapore’s oldest elementary and secondary schools, having founded in 1888 as the Anglo-Chinese Girls School.  Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) current location is in the Dover neighbourhood of Queenstown, Singapore.

Highlights of the Main Program:

FMS(P) sees communication skills (enGauge 21st-century skills NCREL/Metiri Group 2003) as one of the 21st-century talents that leaders require as one the fundamental 21st-century abilities that leaders. 

The following are examples of communication skills in Fairfield Methodist School (Primary):

  • having a good command of the language
  • having the ability successfully communicate and express oneself
  • teamwork, collaboration, and interpersonal abilities
  • personal, societal, and civic accountability

One of the English Department’s core programmes is ‘Pathways to Oracy.’ The program’s building blocks meant to interest students at age-appropriate levels, challenge them to higher levels of complexity as they go, and finally provide them with an opportunity to serve the school community at the pinnacle of their education – a unique project.

STELLAR:  Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading:

Another focus of the Fairfield curriculum is Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading, which aims to foster a love of reading and a strong foundation in the English language. In terms of STELLAR and language learning, the English Language is taught and learned with a greater emphasis on speaking and listening abilities. Students also gain reading and writing skills through discussions led the teacher about rich and intriguing literature. When paired with Fairfield’s school-based curriculum, STELLAR delivers a holistic approach to teaching and study English.

ICT in Education and Learning:

The school has implemented an ICT integration strategy that incorporates ICT into various topics to meet baseline criteria and promote New Media Literacies. Students will master broad skills like searching for and organising information, evaluating information, and creating and collaborating on digital artefacts throughout six years. Students will also obtain a technical understanding of various programmes – both software and hardware – how to use the Cyber Wellness Principles as a guide in their online interactions.

Library in the School:

The goal of the school library is to provide an environment that encourages and encourages students to read. Thematic displays and suggested books are updated regularly to keep pupils interested in various book genres. We also work with partners like Civica and NLB, who have programmes tailored to different reading levels. The programmes emphasise research skills, teamwork, leadership, and library resource marketing. Other ongoing school activities, such as International Friendship Day; National Day, and complement the programmes.


Every Fairsian is self-assured, cultured, and appreciative of the arts, and he uses his aesthetic abilities to benefit the community. To provide our students with a complete arts education that exposes them to a wide range of aesthetic knowledge and experience, allows them to perform and practise their abilities and excel in their endeavours. Our trademark programme, Fairfield Song Stories, aims to offer students a forum to express their opinions and thoughts while also blessing the community via songs as part of our school’s effort to foster empathy for others.

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