Farrer Park Primary School

by | May 24, 2022

Farrer Park Primary School

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Co-Curricular Activities Of Farrer park primary school

Farrer Primary School was established in 1966 and provided English, Chinese, and Malay instruction. Later, it was converted to an English-medium school with Chinese, Malay, and Tamil as second languages in Farrer Park Primary School. In 1992, the school amalgamated with Permaisura Primary School and New Town Primary School to form Permaisura Primary School and New Town Primary School. The newly amalgamated school renamed New Town Primary School, and the Lutheran Road location was deserted result of the merger.

Art Exhibition for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) in 2021:

Students of Farrer Park Primary School in grades P2 through P6 participated in various categories based on the theme “Artist & Technology,” in which student artists reflected on how technology has influenced their life. From July 3 to December 31, the SYF Art Exhibition will be available online via the SYF website. The show will also use immersive 360-degree virtual technology for the first time this year, with chosen artworks displayed against a digital backdrop of museum spaces within the National Gallery of Singapore.

Physical Education and Sports:

An organised and progressive physical education programme at Farrer Park enables each Farrerean to participate in various exercises and physical activities using a variety of abilities. A Farrerean uses the concepts, principles, and methods discussed in PE classes on the field or the court. The ideals and ethics that a Farrerean learns internalised. He honours and respects himself, his peers, and his surroundings. Finally, a Farrerean enters the world with the tools necessary to live a healthy and active life.

Sharing cyber-wellness:

The positive well-being of Internet users refers to as cyber wellness. It entails a grasp of online behaviour knowledge of how to be safe in cyberspace.

With the help of parents, the school hopes to teach pupils how to stay safe while using the Internet at home and school. In addition to school-based cyber wellness programmes, parents may set an example in using technology at home and play active part in guiding our children through cyberspace.

Features of the Building:

The site was designed in the 1960s by the Public Works Department as a box-frame school. Its modern architectural style honours the machine aesthetic as a symbol of development and defines by the intentional use of industrial components construction, infill, and minimal adornment. A four-story building connects to a single-story shelter on the grounds. 

The building is protected from the tropical sun and rain by double-pitched roofs with extended eaves limited width of the blocks allows for excellent natural lighting and ventilation. They built using a cost-effective structural modular system that includes elements of semi-open corridors for easier access and strategically placed stairwells for vertical connectivity.

Job shadowing for P4 students:

Pupils will get taste of what their parents or relatives go through at work for a day. As part of their Career Awareness programme, the P5 students visit Kidzania every year. They will select a job from the available options and complete the basic job requirements. It will increase the students’ understanding of their talents and interests, allowing them to be motivated and work hard to reach their goals.

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